USC Morning Buzz: Changes Made; Ignore Recruiting

Chris Tyree, the nation’s No. 1-ranked all-purpose back, committed to Notre Dame.

I don’t blame USC that it could not land a back from Virginia. It’s a pretty tough ask.

But it is interesting that USC did not even offer him a scholarship while 31 schools did.

It’s not really a big deal because Clay Helton has changed and become a disciplinarian, Aaron Ausmus has completely transformed the strength program and JT Daniels will silence all the doubters in the fall.

Carry on.

14 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Changes Made; Ignore Recruiting

    1. Owns — “you’re our brother and we love you —-but never —-never —-take sides against Scott again.”
      (With apologies to Michael Corleone)….

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      1. Arturo — Funny you asked. There is a family baptism next week…..
        (If I were Carlo I woulda told Michael to go ahead and kill me but I had nuthin to do with Sonny’s death —- it mighta worked)….
        Speaking of Blessed Events —I really hope that Pudly’s Big Announcement doesn’t have anything to do with Scott and Olivia Jade….


      2. With a long weekend coming, Owns should think twice before accepting an invitation to go “fishing.”



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      3. marvienna —Our problem with the very secular Owns is not that we couldn’t get him unsuspectingly out on the lake—its that we’d never get him to close his eyes in prayer so we could squeeze off that one shot without a fight….


      1. Dear Pusley, you clueless weeny, “Verfulchte hure” means absolutely nothing in Deutsche.

        Which leads me to conclude Pusley Dear, you’re moronic dummkopf in two languages.



  1. Bozo Helton’s philosophy is, don’t recruit players he has no chance of signing. That’s why he focuses on Mountain West, and Mid American conference type of players 😃. And that’s why the unqualified Lynn Swann said, “ The USC football program is in great shape, and recruiting is going well “ 😂


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