Morning Buzz: Bru McCoy Back To USC?

Wide receiver Bru McCoy appears to be on the verge of leaving Texas for USC.

Nothing is ever definite when it comes to recruiting or players leaving for another school. But it is telling that in mid-May McCoy had still not applied for an NCAA waiver for immediate eligibility at Texas.

The transfer would certainly be welcome news for Clay Helton, who has been battered for the past few months in recruiting.

26 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Bru McCoy Back To USC?

  1. Maybe he has heard that he won’t be granted a waiver and wants to play somewhere next year. What a complete embarrassment that would be for the NCAA if he became a yoyo and bounced around like a minor league catcher for the next four years.

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  2. These kids are so immature and full of themselves. Where are their parents or someone in their life to give them some guidance and counsel? While I hope he comes back, IMO, he is making a fool of himself by his not knowing what the hell to do. Frankly, he never should have left despite all the crap around USC football. If he is any good, USC the premier FB school on the West coast is the proper showcase for his talents.

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    1. Yes, these kids are 18 and they will make mistakes, and with social media, everything they say and do is magnified enormously. Fingers crossed he comes back.

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    2. Linkster, this has been happening for a little while. The horns were about to send in waiver paperwork several weeks back but the McCoys stopped them. They told the horn’s that they wanted to review the paperwork with their attorney and never returned it.
      We all know how places seem so nice when we’re on vacation, but living and working there is often not nearly as great. He also was upset about the way Kliff sold him a bill of goods, then ran off just weeks later…
      Just some background for you.

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      1. Ok Owns, who is the premier football school on the West Coast?

        – what school has more All Americans?
        – what school has won more PAC 8, 10, 12 championships?
        – what school has sent more to the NFL?
        – what school has produced more NFL Hall of Farmers?

        I could go on. Even someone with a Cerritos education ought to be able to figure it out. Wait, I can see your reply now – what school hasn’t had a QB start the Super bowl. You are so pathetic!

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      1. You know for a fact that the Texas coaches are fighting to keep him? you must have some info that has not been reported. Oh I forgot, your MD inside info-the—-the kid learned all about transferring at the best of transferring high schools!


      2. Sorry freddie, how long did you say Bru was at MD? Oh yeah, that’s right 4. BTW, you’re always on MD, even though Poly, SJB and now Narbonne were/are as much a part of this as MD. As far as coaches talking with Bru, don’t look too hard, you might fall over those reports there’s so many out there.


      3. Even scottie in his afternoon notes was able to find this info, so you know it wasn’t hard to find…

        “However, Texas coach Tom Herman is expected to either meet or talk to McCoy one more time before an official decision is made.”

        You dope.


  3. “The transfer would certainly be welcome news for Clay Helton”

    Just for Helton? Not for SC football, more broadly? C’mon, Scottie…

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  4. I never could figure out the allure of tex-ass FB. CAL beat them home & home two/three years ago & everybody knows CAL is second rate. No 4*/5* needs to leave the west coast but to a 16-18yr old the grass is greener. Remember CAL & SC had the two highest payrolls in the NFL.


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    1. All the knuckleheads don’t mention the Texas’ payroll in the nfl either. This year they had 11 leave for the draft and had 2 names called. That’s real player development.

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  5. Texas is already trying to sign the Kansas State grad as of yesterday. Sounds like Bru has made his decision. It’s his life and he’s playing with the rules of a game that rarely helps student athletes. He can do whatever he wants and his ultimate goal is a first round pick and healthy career…end of story,

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  6. I personally know, that the family wanted to look over the paperwork with their attorney, but they never returned it . And he was also upset with Kliff Kingsbury for leaving for the nfl

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