No. 60 With A Bullet

Good thing Bru McCoy is gobbling up the spotlight because USC’s recruiting ranking is No. 60 in the latest 247 rankings just ahead of Washington State.

Obviously, USC will eventually rise. But should USC ever be No. 60? It’s not part of a grand strategy to swoop in and get some recruits at the last minute.

Maybe it’s better to leave some scholarships open for Urban Meyer.

10 thoughts on “No. 60 With A Bullet

  1. Kids with skill always dream of going to the NFL and for decades USC was one of the few sure highways to get a serious ‘looksie’ by any and all scouts. The program is steadily sinking because we have a head coach who never should have been kept once he filled out the year of that clown Sarkisian. He was retained and is in the midst of a 5 year deal given to him 2+ years ago.

    Get rid of Helton or watch the continuing collapse of this program larded with playing FSC schools

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  2. I’m not sure, but that’s next year’s ranking isn’t it? And Bru will affect this year’s class which is currently at #20 @ 24/7. Just sayin.


      1. You’ve said it before and I believe you’ll say it again…
        Hope you’re having a good weekend.


  3. Pete Carroll had very few commits going into the last month before recruits could sign, however, he could close like no one’s business. The early signing period does change things, but Helton has closed well in the past too.
    What every Trojan fan should be drooling about is the WR corps that is LOADED. Vaughns, Pittman, Amon- Ra, Devon Williams, plus the incoming freshmen Ford, McClain, Drake, and, hopefully, Bru. An embarrassment of riches to say the least.

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