Bru McCoy Makes It Official

Wide receiver Bru McCoy informed Texas he is entering the NCAA transfer portal. The next step will be to transfer to USC.

“I did not expect this turn of events, but am confident this is the best decision for me and my family,” McCoy said in a statement. “I will do my best to earn back any trust and respect I’ve lost as a result of this process.”

McCoy is probably going to have to sit out a year, which means he might not have to play for Clay Helton.

18 thoughts on “Bru McCoy Makes It Official

  1. Can some of you real Inside USC bloggers tell me why he would have to sit out a year if he chose to transfer to USC? He signed his LOI to USC, he bolted for Texas, when UT asked him to complete the transfer paperwork he sat on it. Therefore from the NCAA’s perspective wouldn’t his original LOI to USC be in effect? If he transferred to a 3rd school, I can see sitting out a year.

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    1. Here is the NCAA’s guide to the transfer portal…am guessing that McCoy’s particular case is weird enough that lawyers will be involved. Hopefully SC’s counsel is better now than during the NCAA hearings.

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    2. He is using the “original” scholarship as it was never returned to us, so to speak. None of this happened before and will be fun to watch..if the McCoys win.

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    3. Not absolutely certain but it may have to do with the fact he entered college during the spring. He did not go through a football season because of when he enrolled but he still has a semester under his belt.

      You might better visualize it if he came in the traditional route (in the fall) and did one semester which would have coincided with a football season. But his spring entry muddled his timeline a little bit but doesn’t necessarily change the rules.


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  2. He may have signed a financial agreement with U. tex-ass….. & get to reimburse UT. A little help from an SC alum attorney might be wise.

    Tex-ass four seasons,
    1. Hail
    2. Thunderstorms
    3. Blizzards
    4. Hurricanes

    Almost every principle who bailed out of Calif commercial property in the 70’s & 80’s to go buy cheaper in Tex-ass that I dealt with came back in a hurry to Calif & never mentioned tex-ass again.

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  3. OK,
    100 degrees & miserably wet. Lol.

    UT should have never allowed him into spring practice until all the i’s were dotted and t’s crossed. They are over anxious fools. You witnessed a fool for a coach and AD. Unlimited liability.

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  4. Yo, once again, Dear Pusley, Traveler’s official road apple, jumps the point (the prima donna Screwy McCoy) to remind the blog:

    Hey, your players suing the school? And you’re here complaining? Bwahhaw…


    I wonder SUCCXsters, would John McKay allow McCoy to return to Felony U’s FB program? I doubt it.

    I’m informed McKay had no tolerance for immature, prima donna HS FB players. He had 100 other loyal, solid toejams to bother wasting 10 seconds with inexperienced, 5 star, mommy & daddy + daddy’s attorney help me losers.

    Dear Pusley, you chronic abscess, remind me when the FBI, that you constantly pretend will raid UCLA, arrive in Westwood.

    Oh, and DING goes the Vic Bell.

    #4 – 8 in 2019


  5. I moved to Dallas about three years ago due to corporate shit. When I say the heat and humidity is nasty, it stil doesn’t give it its full due. Austin is supposed to be worse than Dallas, so I get it.

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