USC Afternoon Notes: Optimism Edition

A USC assistant coach I normally don’t speak to much told me today the Trojans will be much improved from a year ago and he is not concerned about job security. At least he is optimistic.

When I talk these coaches, though, they tend to go silent when I mention who will start at QB and who should start at QB? Another tough question is who do the players want to start? If you read this blog regularly, you already know the answers to these questions.

  • USC basketball is going to open its season by hosting Portland at the Galen Center the first week of November. The Trojans host Long Beach State on Dec. 15.
  • USC wide receiver Michael Pittman is on the cover of Phil Steele‘s College Football Preview.

8 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes: Optimism Edition

  1. Jack Sears should be the Trojans starting QB, but Clay “Errand Boy” Helton has his head up his ass, so that’s not going to happen.

    Had Sears not run the second rate at best play calling in the first half that idiot Helton and his flunky Tee Martin told him to run vs ASU and instead improvised like he did in the second half of that game…the Trojans would have won that game easily.

    Clancy Pendergast and his horrific defensive play calling didn’t help Sears out either.

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    1. Trojan fans: Watch these game highlights —-and turn off video when score gets to be 28 USC, 24 Arizona State…..

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      1. gt –Know what’s really brutal? Looking at Athlon’s 2019 College Football Guide and seeing that USC has one of the LOWEST rated offensive lines in college football. Harrell wanted to bring his own guy to spark things up but Helton insisted on keeping Drevno…….


  2. Tennessee QB Ty Simpson class of 2022 has an offer from Graham Harrell.

    Simpson completed 48 percent of pass attempts as a freshman with eight interceptions and 12 TDS (video highlights atop article) per an article by the Jackson Sun’s Joseph Spears. It was a rough season for Simpson as Westview finished the fall with a 2-8 record. But he entered this offseason with a new perspective for his prep career.



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