If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

If things were different at USC, Bru McCoy and Chris Steele would simply have signed with the Trojans and be ready to play next season.
But eight of the top 10 players in California left the state in 2019. It all just shows the position of weakness USC is in at the moment.
Most local players want to go to USC as long as it is not radioactive.
The commitment of Jack Yary on Wednesday was a minor cause for celebration because he ignored the coaching predicament. USC is now No. 45 in the 247Sports rankings and some were thrilled the Trojans moved up 15 spots with Yary’s commitment.
What happens if USC goes 8-4? Not good enough to really impress anyone but not bad enough for Lynn Swann to want to fire Clay Helton? Will the top Southern California want to come? Helton will still be on thin ice for the following season. The program will still be in limbo.
  • USC’s first three home games are night games. Now it is probably better to play Fresno State on August 30 at 7:30 p.m. than during the day. But I wonder if the many older USC fans, who tend to be season-ticket holders, will appreciate these night games? Especially when season tickets cost more than eve before.
  • The Pac-12 will hold its media day July 24 in Hollywood. Will Swann attend?
  • If you want to know how former USC coach John McKay got along with opposing coaches, here is what his closest assistant, Dave Levy, said: “If John was beating you, he liked you. If he wasn’t beating you, he didn’t.”
  • One might assume McKay’s least favorite coaches would be from an archrival school like Notre Dame or UCLA. But it would be hard to find a bigger enemy for him than Stanford coach John Ralston. McKay lost to Stanford (and Ralston) in 1970 and 71. That made them Public Enemy No. 1 for McKay.
“He felt they were a little arrogant,” Levy said. “Stanford gave him the needle.”
When McKay beat Stanford, 30-21, in 1972, he gave this famous quote: “I’d like to have beaten them by 2,000 points. They have no class.”
  • There will be a lot of former USC baseball players recommending candidates to be the next baseball coach. I hear ex-USC player/Yankees manager Aaron Boone is a big fan of TCU hitting coach Bill Mosiello.
  • Speaking of baseball, the Dodgers came to USC to play the Trojans at Bovard Field in 1968. The Dodgers had Wes Parker, Al “The Bull” Ferrara and Bob Bailey in the lineup but it was USC first baseman Bill Seinsoth who delivered the big blow, a three-run homer in the second inning. That was enough for USC pitchers Bill Lee and Bob Vaughn as the Trojans won, 4-1 victory. Proceeds from the game went to the construction of Heritage Hall.

24 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. In the late 60’s, night games were not uncommon early in the season. I’m sure this was because ucla was using the old dump as well and would play on Friday night so SC had to play at night on Saturday, sometimes SC played on Friday night. I hated day games in September, anyone remember the oppressive heat for the Florida, LSU & Purdue home games ?


    1. You are right about the early games—-but late starts in November are so stupid! I know, I know—-tv rules! The hell with the season ticket holders!


      1. It’s all driven by TV now, it was back in the 70’s but most games weren’t on TV. I can remember freezing at the 75 SC v ucla game at night.

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  2. If USC goes 8-4 under Clueless Clay Helton, I’ll eat my hat …. lmao 😂 please believe me, that clown will be lucky to break the.500 mark .

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    1. Fred, as you well know, I always root for USC to never lose. Same goes for this season.. so it’s going to be a really unique feeling when ClayDough spends the pre-ND bye week cleaning out and vacating his office.
      Fight On

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    2. Fred —I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t know already —-but for the rest of our readers, new President Carol L. Folt, has been telling everybody she meets that she’s adopted the Fred Sampson criterion for keeping or dismissing Helton: an 8-4 2019 season. In other words, if Helton only loses to Fresno State, Stanford, Cal, & UCLA (even though this puts us out of the running for the coveted “State Championship”), he stays through his present, extended contract (i.e., 2055)……

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      1. gt — In a double secret meeting with her confidants, Folt actually said “I know 8-4 is probably aiming too high —- as a back up plan maybe I should go with Michael Link’s more reasonable 6-6 assessment.”
        #2025 –Bingo!

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      2. And, of course, no 2019 “Ding goes the Vic Bell.”

        #2019 Felony U FB: …..4 – 8


  3. – The Trojans will not go 8-4 this year. The best they get out of the new offense is 6-6. Therefore, by any reason possible, Helton is canned.
    – I was suited up and sat in the bullpen the day USC beat the Dodgers in 68. Billy Lee who went on the have a nice career with the Red Sox was tough that day. Seinsoth HR went out of right center in the old Bovard Field. It was short down the right field line but stretched out to center. If I recall correctly, Wes Parker didn’t play.

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      1. no not really. Bill was eccentric, not crazy like Rossovich. Most of his crazy stuff came later when he was in Boston. One time ran for President under the Bull Moose party!
        He was a great pitcher. Probably thru 10 different pitches actively. Curve balls, sliders, fast balls, change ups all from different throwing positions. he had a “eephus pitch” which would drive Dedeaux crazy. He would throw it up about 10 feet into the air and 50% of the time it would be a strike or the hitter would take a whack at it. Real good athlete, used to play basketball in the gym with him along with Garrett, Tody and Bubba Smith and Rich Leon. Those were the days.

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    1. You my friend are incorrect. The offense can easily win 8 games. It is
      the defense especially the secondary that will cause all the problems
      to hold the score down enough. Was Randy Port on that ’68 baseball

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    1. Wolf has always read the comments. He would be a fool not do. There were other examples a couple years back where he replied in kind to questions or comments on the blog. He (Wolf) is totally full of bullchit.

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      1. Thanks Pudly. Both Lee and Barr were on the 68 team I played on and won the NCAA in Omaha. Kingman was a freshmen then. Kingman came to USC as a pitcher. Threw really hard but had no control. Very scary hitting against him. In a intrasquad game, he hit and home run off of me that is still going. He had that big upper cut swing and he either hit out of the park or struck out. The ball he hit off me had to go @ 450 feet, a towering fly ball out to left center.


  4. If Helton’s continuation of “No Pads November” wasn’t bad enough, now the idiot is considering taking in transfer Bru McCoy, the little homesick bitch who would further the pussification of Trojan football by having that chump on the team.

    Bru “Mama’s Boy” McCoy would just be a cancer on this Trojan team.


    1. Really hopeful that McCoy returns.. The kid made a mistake.. not that uncommon, but at least he was reacting to the chaos and uncertainty of what was to be his collegiate future. The chaos, pretty much all on Clay and Swann.. who’re at least looking like being on the road to some improvement. I give Bru a pass here.. also he’d be a richly needed asset to this team.

      Regarding Clay’s future.. I’m of the hard opinion that he either wins the Pac and a national top 10 contender or he’s history.. Although hopeful for success, (I believe the offense might be especially stout) I think his getting fired by the bye week is a stronger possibility.. regardless that there’ll be no tarmac involved. Fight On


  5. Why is it bel-air tech has not what we have? A website for ‘interaction’? They don’t even have anything per men’s basketball save the fleas that ‘flit’ hither and yon always seeking a place to ‘light’ and begin regailing all how great the ‘peckerwood’ is/was …. W

    Why is there never a pilgrimage to where Red Sanders dropped dead there in Hollywood? Why no ‘inquest’ on why JD Morgan dropped dead of ‘heart’ problems? Based on all the 4th estate ‘coverup’ for the ‘peckerwood’ why didn’t the LA Times move for an inquiry on why ‘…tennis anyone?’ Died at 61?

    Where is Jim Mora when the brave got called (my apologies to Lt. Col. Frank Slade – Scent Of A Woman) “Here’s Charlie (USC) facing the fire and there’s George (bel-iar tech) hiding in Big Daddy’s (LA Times) pocket.”

    Sweet if this goes to trial and all the ‘discovery’ on who it was bel-air tech had to hire because no one wanted to coach that pile of ‘wooden’….oh the smell of ‘wooden’ was overwhelming.

    “….there was pure ‘angela davis’ wafting through the breeze and then the putrid stench of ‘Rose Gilbert’ that blew the mainline into Garcetti’s ‘white-left-bread’ back end!”

    This is a libtard’s (demoncrat) attorney dream come true…bite ‘momma’ (state of CA)….questions questions….


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