USC Morning Buzz: Now Would Be Good Time To Play Texas

With Bru McCoy heading back to USC, it would have been fun if the Trojans played Texas this season.

But . . . the Longhorns no longer fit the profile.

  • USC wants seven home games
  • It only wants one difficult opponent on its non-conference schedule and Notre Dame gets that designated role even though the Irish have lost five-or-more games in seven of the past 12 seasons. They have lost six-or-more games in four of those seasons.
  • USC wants to host an FCS team.
  • USC doesn’t want any more home-and-home with Power 5 conference schools.

So good luck ever getting into a marquee home-and-home with Texas, Ohio State, et. al.


12 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Now Would Be Good Time To Play Texas

  1. Get a big name head football coach, can the minority hire AD and get Lopes out of the athletic department and SC might play schools with a pulse.

    And why does SC need a search committee to hire a baseball coach ? Can’t they find an ex SC assistant or player on their own ?

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      1. USC wants no part of Texas while Clueless Clay is the head coach, because the two programs are going in different directions. The Longhorns like most schools are much more physical then the Trojans, especially across the line of scrimmage. Bozo Helton’s winning philosophy is unlike any other top ten football coach, which is why he will NEVER win a national championship.

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  2. Look at the idiots running USC’s athletic dept. and the second rate coaches they’ve hired, of course USC is going to lower the bar with their scheduling.

    Alabama in a couple of years is going to give Swann and Helton the ass kicking they deserve.

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    1. As usual, you are wrong, tebow. Alabama will not kick our ass in “a couple of years”…….

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  3. Here I was thinking “a positive headline?” But I never thought about jumping on the dead horse of scheduling again. I have to think there is a method to the madness of scheduling low tier teams. Something like headlines grabbing scores or the other guys do it. But at one time any team would have loved to have USC on their football schedule, now it might be the only way to fill the schedule. We ain’t who was.

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