Velus Jones Update

Wide receiver Velus Jones has told his USC teammates he intends to return and play for the Trojans next season.

22 thoughts on “Velus Jones Update

    1. Hahahaha.. Pudly 76 your so funny, btw, has your wife been asking about me ? If so, send her my love 😍 💋💋


      1. Yeah she was asking… she wanted me to remind you to wake her up and let her know when you were done. She hates overcharging you.

        Oh and she said to tell you that “two inch ride to the moon” you keep bragging about…well… hahahahaha

        You are the best, I don’t know how I’m gonna sleep with the way you troll me. Damn


  1. Wow! What a get. Velus was the role model for team play last year. Never saw a RB so unselfishly block on kickoffs.

    Moral of story: Helton is not a big factor on offense anymore (bad play calling, bad time out management, picking pets to start and pet coaches).

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    1. Umm, Velus Jones is a WR.

      As for Helton, that idiot won’t be able to keep himself from calling B.S. offensive plays.


      1. So Brent Neiland, when he plays blocking fullback, is still a center when he plays that position?


  2. Probably getting paid to come back and win two extra games so Swann won’t have to fire Clay!!!


    Good job Wolf you scooped it.


  3. Slowly, but surely, it is all coming together. On a serious note, if Velus can return kickoffs, block some when needed, and provide an occasional big play, his speed will warrant a look from the NFL. The Air Raid will almost guarantee that he gets some PT and contributes.

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  4. I am shocked and in disbelief that Scott hasn’t pointed out that Jones had no place else to play. Although maybe Scott believes Jones saw the writing on the wall and is returning because with enough talent as rope, Helton will hang himself. Nah… there’s an endgame here we just haven’t seen it.

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  5. Velus supposedly wanted to leave because his grandfather (who raised him) was ill. Not because he thought greener pastures were elsewhere.

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  6. Idiot Pudwacker and all his alias’ doesn’t even know Velus Jones position is WR…that’s how informed he is.



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