Will Chris Steele Flip Next?

Is Chris Steele going to join Bru McCoy at USC?

After twice spurning the Trojans for Florida and Oregon, Steele visited USC on Monday and is having “second thoughts” about where to play?

I suppose Steele can say he likes new defensive backs coach Greg Burns more than Ronnie Bradford. What many people do not realize is Clancy Pendergast likes to coach the secondary and he decides the style of play used by the cornerbacks.

Bradford got a lot of criticism but he was Pendergast’s guy from the NFL and everything he taught was via Pendergast’s wishes. I say all this in regards to whether players will develop. I think Graham Harrell can develop a player. I don’t think Clancy Pendergast can.

10 thoughts on “Will Chris Steele Flip Next?

  1. This Just In! The NCAA has released the following statement: “Due to the many vagaries connected to our recently developed transfer portal policy we will move mountains to assure that Bru McCoy is given every opportunity to participate in the 2019 season with USC. We see this as only fair given the many process complications we ourselves have created.”

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  2. Is Chris Steele going to join Bru McCoy at USC?

    Just what the Trojans need…another overhyped homesick Mama’s Boy who will be a cancer on the team.

    USC needs to stop recruiting these type of overrated chumps like McCoy and Steele.


    1. Drip – Drip – Drip. Trollboy, too bad you suck. Florida and Texas flew across the country trying to keep these guys. You dumbass punk troll. Eat it.


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  3. So if a student athlete enrolls in an online class at a local college and passes said class, does he/she have to it out a year of eligibility at their home school? Bru never played a down or requested a waiver to play at TX, so it is about the same as taking an online class from a school you are not attending.
    Now the NCAA created this stupidity they have to straighten it out. If a kid has to sit out a year, then the parents can sue because it was the NCAA that allowed this to happen.

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      1. Good and overlooked point, Pudly. But, between me and you, that’s a pretty thin reed for the NCAA to lean on as justification for sitting a player down for a year…..

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  4. When a coach quits on a contract for a new job do they have to sit out a year? Seriously. Graham Harrell just left N. Texas he was on contract under the exact same guidelines as 18 year old kids he should have to sit… or do we hold student athletes to higher standards than those teaching them?


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