A USC-Heavyweight Boxing Comparison

There have been comparisons on twitter about the JT Daniels photo with new heavyweight champ Andy Ruiz.

But this might be unfair. Maybe a better comparison would be between Daniels and the former heavyweight champ, Anthony Joshua.

The way Joshua looked after getting hit by Ruiz reminded me of how Daniels looked after he took a hit early in the Stanford game last season. No mas.



8 thoughts on “A USC-Heavyweight Boxing Comparison

  1. I am not a big fan of Daniels but he was brutalized many times by one of the worst USC offensive lines in history. While everybody is thinking this will all change with the new offense be installed this spring, if the OL stinks as it has in the past, we will be no better off.

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  2. Scott —I know a bit about boxing and I can tell you that Joshua would’ve been fine if, after the first knockdown, his corner told him to rely on his reach & mainly stick with left jabs and hooks —-no more stepping in with the right, no more mixing it up with Ruiz. As Michael Link has hinted, there is a good chance the o-line will stink again. J. T. needs to do the equivalent of a boxer facing a stronger opponent —- be smart, don’t hold on to the ball too long, recognize and throw to the first receiver in the “open grass.” It ain’t a perfect formula but it’s the hand he’s been dealt and he needs to make the best of it. [By the way, for all the Sears lovers —he’ll be playing behind the same crappy line. Given his penchant for running when things break down —which they repeatedly will —he wouldn’t last 3 games. He’s your REAL Anthony Joshua].

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  3. J.T. Daniels and Clay Helton managed to put up 3 measely points on Stanford, all the 4 and 5 star recruits USC afforded those two clowns and all they could muster was 3 measely points. Gawd Damn!

    Shit, UC Davis put up 10 pts. on Stanford and at least gave them a game.



    1. So —you’re happy that another team played better than the Trojans? I guess maybe Pudly was right —-you’re not on our side. And that means all the advice you throw out is insincere and, therefore, worthless….

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