A Tale Of Two Quarterbacks

These pictures of JT Daniels and Jack Sears are starting to circulate among USC fans. Posted without comment:


34 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Quarterbacks

  1. Both photos fell outta Petros’ wallet when leaving the “Prince” Men’s room at Disneyland….

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  2. JT Daniels: has a doughboy physique marred by a really, really tacky, ugly, he-man tattoo. If he wasn’t blind drunk when he had that tattoo applied then he must have a smaller brain than Dear Pusley, SUCCX official orifice.


  3. I’m wondering if these pics are from your camera Scotty. What’s else you got saved on your hard drive? Actually, please don’t respond to that.

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  4. I certainly would choose my QB based upon his overall physique. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers are all massive and ripped. Debate over, start Sears.

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    1. Kenny Stabler, Sonny Jurgenson, and dozens of other fatty QBs have played the game at the highest level.


  5. I think that is last years picture. I saw a video of JT and Amon Ra in the gym and JT cranked out 20 pullups with east.


      1. Steve B.,

        How do you know that tebow didn’t mean Alabama in general or they could have been from Auburn. There needs to be clarification.


  6. Just one question about this trailer park trash; where the fuck are his parents ? Do you think for ONE MINUTE that John McKay would put up with this stuff ? Jesus Christ. Clueless Helton is dead man walking once the season starts. I give him four games, and he’s out.


    1. Proud Trojan,

      We are stuck with Helton for the entire season. If Swann were to fire Helton, that would cut into his golf game and collecting his checks. That is too much pressure on him to make a decision like you are thinking of having to be made.


  7. Because ripped QBs are so successful? It’s always been the opposite the past 30 years. . This just screams pure hate for JT and it won’t matter all season if he wins a Heisman and wins it all one year, you hate the guy for some unknown slight, rumor, etc. You probably bet the house on Anthony Joshua this weekend?

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    1. One thing’s for sure —-J. T. can take a WAY better punch than Joshua…


  8. It’s Photoshoped. The face is too small for the head and the shadow on his neck suddenly stops along the jawline. I guess some people will buy anything.

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  9. I dig the Sonny Jurgenson look on J.T. What’s wrong with a fat quarterback? Do ya think Kenny Stabler would have been better if he was buffed out?


  10. Confirmed fake picture. Not this Wolf is even close to fake news, that would give him more credit, but the fact he knew it was fake and just picks on this 19 year old kid…makes me wonder.


  11. Trailer-trash tats. The way of most of the Great Unwashed Masses here in the 21st century. J. T. looks like the guy at the local Jiffy Lube with the greasy hair and dicky facial hair. “Uh, do you want me to vacuum your mats today? I added wiper blade fluid already.” Regardless of looks (but rather performance ability, leadership and upside) START SEARS. I’m sure Claydough will double-down on his pride and ego and start Daniels, to the detriment of his job.


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