USC Afternoon Notes

A former USC All-American emailed me after seeing the photos of JT Daniels and Jack Sears: Sonny Jurgensen was only fat QB who had success.”

  • USC baseball player C.J. Stubbs was drafted in the 10th round by the Houston Astros, where his brother and fellow Trojan, Garrett, plays catcher. Garrett Stubbs was probably the most engaging USC player in the past 20 years, by the way, so the Astros probably figure they can’t go wrong taking a chance on his brother.
  • I’ve heard from so many Velus Jones fans the past 2 days. Where were they all spring? I guess same will apply to Chris Steele if he comes to USC.

16 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes

  1. J.T. “Overrated” Daniels is a loser. Weak ass punk who’s daddy kept him behind in 8th grade because his boy couldn’t handle playing football with kids his own age…how Gawd Damn Embarrassing!


  2. Of course, SW: A line is drawn in the sand and if Velus, Bru, and/or Chris decides to don the Cardinal and Gold of SC, only love awaits them.


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  3. If Bru and Steele end up at SC, that will be quite a recruiting class. These guys having second thoughts is ok in my book. After all, no one slams head coaches as much as they have these guys when the coaches leave for the NFL or to a better job somewhere else. Why shouldn’t student athletes be able to do it as well?

    BTW Do you think players like De-Anthony Thomas (The Mamba from Crenshaw) or former #1 overall recruit what’s-his-name- the DE from Moreno Valley Powell, who spurned Pete and ended up at UF, don’t have regrets for not signing at SC? Post football, these guys have no real connections in the LA area and haven’t set up something past their playing days to succeed in life in their own home town. You have to think that Bru and Steele are at least pondering this point to some degree (although both UT and UF seem to have some footholds in the business world, but no home cookin like being a Trojan in Southern Califas).

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    1. In Los Angeles, the name “De-Anthony Thomas” will forever cause various degrees of hatred to register on the faces of Trojan fans……

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      1. MG, the guy was all Troy until he made some off the cuff choice and signed to be a Duck. Guy was recruiting for SC at the Army Bowl.


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  4. I just hope Harrell has the last say on who starts. If he does, then I say the best qb will start. If not, then politics got involved and that will suck and hurt the team.


  5. That is a photoshopped picture of JT. He lost 10lbs from his freshman season. Scott Wolf is a weak a…. punk for bagging on these kids when he has that dumpling body and girlish whiney voice.


  6. Ya hoo reporting – Haden hit the ‘tar baby’ met Singer with Heinel present
    Former USC athletic director Pat Haden is reportedly one of those “under scrutiny” by prosecutors in the federal investigation into the college admissions scandal that has included actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin.

    Haden was the athletic director at USC from 2010-16. Per the Wall Street Journal, he knew William Singer, the man at the center of the scandal. Singer’s company would create fake athlete profiles for high school students to get them admitted into colleges like USC in exchange for bribes.

    Former USC associate athletic director Donna Heinel was fired after she was indicted on racketeering charges related to the scheme. A source told the WSJ that Haden had introduced Heinel to Singer:

    Mr. Haden brought Ms. Heinel into a meeting already under way on campus in his office, where Mr. Singer was present, the person said, and described Mr. Singer as someone Ms. Heinel should work with because he could “bring development to the school”—wealthy families willing to make donations to the USC. At the time, the department was under “tremendous pressure” to raise money, the person said.

    Haden’s son-in-law told the paper the former AD had not been contacted by investigators and that his dad met Singer at the same time Heinel did in a meeting with a friend of Haden’s.


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