USC Morning Buzz: Chris Steele, Pat Casey Edition

Cornerback Chris Steele has decided to transfer to USC, according to the Oregonian. I’ll credit the players at USC over Clay Helton for this one.

Steele should be eligible next season because he is a strong candidate to obtain an NCAA waiver, unless the NCAA starts counting commitments. Steele has committed to UCLA, USC, Florida, Oregon and USC again.

I wonder what all those three-star cornerbacks USC signed in their recruiting class think of Steele coming to USC?

  • Former Oregon State baseball coach Pat Casey, who won three NCAA titles at Oregon State, informed the Beavers he will not return after taking a year off and will remain as senior associate athletic director. This is where Lynn Swann should be bold and come at Casey with a big offer.
    It’s the type of move USC might have made 20 years ago, like when it signed Mick Haley as women’s volleyball coach while he was still the USA coach for the 2000 Olympics. Or when it infuriated Florida State by stealing women’s basketball coach Chris Gobrecht after she coached just one year for the Seminoles.
  • Do these moves always work out? Of course not. But you signal intent with a big hire. It’s better than when baseball hired untested Chad Kreuter or promoted assistant coaches (Frank Cruz, Dan Hubbs). I don’t care who USC hires as long as it doesn’t do something like rehiring Mark Trakh for women’s basketball or hiring the University of Portland women’s volleyball coach to replace Haley.
  • By the way, when is Swann or Steve Lopes going to announce something with men’s and women’s water polo. It’s been almost three months since Casey Moon (women’s water polo) and Marko Pintaric (men’s water polo) were named interim coaches. It will require no work and little money to make each the permanent coaches. Lynn? Lynn?

35 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Chris Steele, Pat Casey Edition

  1. Awesome. I could care less how ridiculous this looks. Of course…if it was any other team poaching USC players I’d be bagging the school and player.

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    1. It is awesome. The truth is, counting the players we’re going to get when the 2019 process is completely played out, USC has the #1 recruiting class in the Pac 12……

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      1. Your #1 Offensive Coordinator lost his last Tixas Tech game at the 2018 New Mexico Bowl vs Utah St. 52 – 13. Call me a pessimist MB, but a 52 – 13 loss, in front of God and 12 thousand Angels, is highly offensive!


  2. I am not a fan of Clay Helton’s coaching abilities and am excited for the day we get a real coach. But for the love of god, for once, give the man credit. He didn’t burn bridges with recruits when they left or de-committed, and it’s paid off well.

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      1. Nothing’s ever a guarantee. But top programs wanted these 2 guys for a reason. Let’s see what happens.
        As for credit to Helton, it’s not much. But he deserves a little.

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      2. To be fair, Helton deserves more than a little credit. The idea of Helton sticking around long enough to grab a first rate recruiting class and guide Graham Harrell through his first year of Pac 12 football is looking better and better. I’m glad Graham doesn’t have to decipher Stanford and Washington and Utah’s defenses all on his own in 2019….. and I’m glad he’s getting 3 first rate classes assembled by Helton to work with….


      3. You fucking stupid ass dumb fuck Helton Humper Sunshine Pumpers, that fucking idiot Helton has never grabbed a #1 ranked recruiting class…USC recruits itself!

        Dipshit dumb fuck Helton finished 5-7 last season, the asshole second rate coach at best just wastes the talent USC affords him.

        Every year since 2010 the parhetic coaching hires USC has made since then has managed to send less and less players onto the NFL.

        Kiffin, Sarkisian and now Helton…all crap coaches who have wasted talent!

        You Helton Humper Sunshine Pumpers are a Fucking Gawd Damn Joke!

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      4. Pudly —Yeah, it takes an AWFUL LOT of good news to make tebow THIS unhappy….

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      5. Leave it to Pudly to invent a whole new meaning for the phrase “suicide watch”….

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    1. You can look at it Helton not burning bridges and having Steele and McCoy come back but there is another angle, too.

      What if Helton had been fired last year? Maybe there would be more guys who want to come back to USC instead of the two who did. Coach Mora gave an interview a few months ago about all the football talent who decided to leave the Southland. He hinted that alot would have stayed closer to home had the situation at USC been more stable or even under a different HC.



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      1. Are you ready for this? Helton was both (1) responsible for driving the players out AND (2) getting them back…..

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      1. in your previous reply about coaches since 2010, you forgot to mention Orgeron.

        I am hoping that Helton just stands there with the clip board in his hand and not coach. That is why he has assistants.


    1. We won’t see any changes in the ratings until everything becomes official, but it’s not unrealistic to say that, by the time the dust clears, USC will have the top rated class in the Pac 12……

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      1. gt —We’re hurting Texas and Oregon’s rating while helping our own. Don’t think it’s quite enough to jump them in the rankings —but I bet we wind up in top 13 or 14. The big thing is we’re getting some help on defense and, depending on the tender mercies of the NCAA, may be getting some depth on offense. And, in any event, the return of star players indicates a belief that USC can make a run for the Rose Bowl.

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      1. No,

        When they actually go on the field and play in a real game, then we will know.


  3. All the Clay Helton sunshine pumpers that post in this blog work in USC’s athletic dept. except for Pudly, that clown is too fucking stupid to get a job. LOL!

    They don’t mind keeping the status quo of mediocre Trojan football because they know when USC wakes up and cleans house their asses are all gone.


    1. You have a bad case of crap mouth today. How’s that tasting?? Not nice when Helton takes a big turd in the mouths of trolls…..for the trolls anyway. Hahahahaha



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    2. Question,

      How do you know that Pudly has to work? He could be retired and living comfortably, he could be a millionaire or even a billionaire and we don’t know, maybe he works at night, or maybe he works part time. The points are, we don’t know his financial status and we don’t know if he want or can work. None of our business anyways.


  4. USC has always garnered the top ranked recruiting classes and not because of that fucking idiot Helton. You stupid fucks!


    1. Drip – Drip – Drip. Trollboy!

      Naw, we all know it’s because of the trollboy. You special.

      KMA, you foul mouthed little wienie.



  5. MG,
    You know I tolerate your lack of research but you conveniently overlooked the #5 defense in the nation & best in the PAC.


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  6. Where you at Fred Sampson you happy with this recruiting class now. Never forget USC recruits itself even after commitment and signing day. Lol. No more crying about recruiting rankings. 2 5*s And velus Jones coming back also, bam just like that in 1 week. How you like them Apples. Usc is loaded with talent time to close games in the 2nd half. Always compete. Time to leave no doubt.

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