Pac-12 Adds Independence Bowl

The Pac-12 has added the Independence Bowl to its bowl lineup and will play an ACC team, according to Brett McMurphy of

This is the expected bowl lineup for 2020-25:

Pac-12 (8)

Rose vs. Big Ten
Alamo vs. Big 12
Las Vegas vs. SEC/Big Ten
Los Angeles vs. Mountain West
Holiday vs. ACC
Redbox vs. Big Ten
Sun vs. ACC
Independence vs. ACC

21 thoughts on “Pac-12 Adds Independence Bowl

      1. Yes! A second chance at the bruins if things go wrong first time….

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  1. USC needs to demand the removal of the Sun Bowl because of horrific nightmares from going to El Paso for the Men of Troy.

    Not having a bowl game in Hawaii is a disgrace for the premier athletic conference in the western U.S. I bet nearly all Pac – 12 teams would rather play a bowl in sunny Honolulu than a crappy frigid El Paso around the new year.



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      1. As happened often in the fights between Kiffin and Polamalu, she was a one star, marvienna…..


  2. Bad as Scott is at least the conference didn’t line up, save the sole credible conference Mtn West. a lower FBS conference: All American, Conference USA, Sun Belt, WAC


  3. What the fuck are any of you sunshine pumpers even talking about bowl games for anyway, that piece of shit wienie arm J.T. Daniels couldn’t even lead the Trojans to a .500 won/loss record.

    That idiot Daniels is surrounded by the #1 ranked recruiting classes in the PAC 12 that USC has attracted since that clown was being held back in the 8th grade because he was too much of a wimp to man up and play with kids his own age.

    USC has had the #1 ranked recruiting classes in the PAC 12 for well over a decade and look at how and who has been responsible for wasting 99% of that talent.

    The 1% that have done well and went onto the NFL since 2010 made it on their own because the shit coaching since 2010 sure as hell didn’t help them.

    As for J.T. Daniels, that kid showed what he’s all about, look at his Trojan record…he’s a fucking loser, he ain’t worth a shit, just like his head coach and that worthless fraud of an athletic director USC puts up with.


    1. All of us USC Fan Boys aren’t realistic, we love to pretend that our Trojans are national championship contenders, year in, and year out, regardless of how stupid, and dumb our head coach is .


      1. At least before the first game is played, SC is in the hunt for the national championship


  4. Reading down to the bottom it’s starting to look like some of the trolls are getting nervous about the Trojan’s fortunes. However if there is anything to worry about the trolls can rest assured that any coaching combination that includes Clay Helton and his crew of leftovers from the Sark era will end badly.
    I predict USC will play in the pottery barn bowl where everything is Clay fired.

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  5. How about them Bruins!

    Softball WS G#1: UCLA 16 – Oklahoma 3

    Baseball LA SR’s final: UCLA 6 – LMU 3 – UCLA, 1 of 8 teams, advances to the NCAA 2019 World Series @ Omaha.

    Ding goes the Vic Bell???

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  6. Just Rent,

    I just farted to celebrate to the fact that all ruins will have cheated once again in all sports.


  7. The Pac 12 should play more than one game on Jan. 1 or close to it. They need to upgrade the bowl games. They all suck except the Rose Bowl. PAC 12 deserves better than the scraps left from the bowl selection committee. Where is that no good bum commish on this? yeah, I forgot, he is collecting his millions and not doing anything to help the PAC 12 become secure in the nation’s eyes. he sucks. he can join Swann in the, “He Sucks”, department.


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