Matt Fink Will Stay At USC

USC quarterback Matt Fink, who supposedly was going to transfer to Illinois at one time, announced today he will remain with the Trojans.

Fink is graduating this summer and could have transferred without sitting out. He is unlikely to play at USC this season.

So maybe he is just comfortable being a USC reserve, which was the plan when he signed.

It also seems like the NCAA transfer portal does not have as many options for players as originally planned so maybe Fink didn’t see a perfect fit. And he’s used to not playing so why not just enjoy being a college student.

11 thoughts on “Matt Fink Will Stay At USC

    1. By the time this season is over, gt, we might just be needing Matt & Davy & Georgie Russell …..

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  1. Just Rent,

    Tell that to Matt Cassel who did not start, yet started for Patriots and Colts. BTW, has anyone ever told you that you suck? Really, you suck. Now, you have been told.


  2. SCooter,

    We know that you went to St. Paul, but I won’t hold that against you. Let me ask you a question, if you know you won’t start, then why transfer at all especially to Illinois where you freeze your a#s off during November, December, Janaury, February, March, and part of April? He might also be able to attend a bowl game, hopefully the Championship game. Whereas with Ill, you might end up being 5-7 and that is a great season for them.


    1. PasTroxan: i had me a GF back in the day from St Paul. a bigger set of boobs i have yet to see.


  3. The QB position will not be the reason IF we struggle. I’d stack our 4 QBs up against any four as a group in the country. Harrell has a very large toolbox to work with.

    Welcome back Mr. Fink, now buckle it up and let’s do this…..

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  4. There are 700 kids in the Transfer Portal and Fink realized unless your a top candidate no one cares. Glad he’s back, we need the depth.


  5. Injuries happen to that position frequently. He will definitely play vs.
    the lousy , shitty ‘Ruins to roll up the score even more in the 4th qtr.
    on Nov. 23rd in front of the home crowd. Fight On Matt!


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