Morning Buzz: USC Pulls Off Quite A Turnaround

USC might not be ranked No. 1 in football but no school can do an about-face as fast. Here’s an extra detail on the new Coliseum naming rights deal:

“In addition to the stadium’s renovation . . . USC and United will (construct) a memorial in honor of veterans at the Coliseum.”

So USC took over the Coliseum in 2013 and six years later suddenly decided to do something to honor veterans?

Just a few months ago, it was OK to change the name of the Coliseum and now USC is building a memorial to veterans.

I would bring this up to an athletic dept. official, but then I would get a response like, “What do you have against veterans?”

USC is the leader in this subject, you know.


31 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Pulls Off Quite A Turnaround

  1. Correct me please….But when was there a plan to remove “Memorial Coliseum” ever a part of the plan?? Never.
    When did the city or county of LA do anything to upgrade or renovate the structure or interior or security of the coliseum? Never.
    When did the county or city of LA gave a rat’s ass about the memorial that has always been a part of the coliseum? Never.

    Wolf, as usual it doesn’t matter what the truth really is.

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    1. P76 can you help me? I was looking in the library for that well known book titled, Well Known SC Military Members & War Heroes.

      Couldn’t find it. Did find SC AthleticDept Ethics. Very small book. Wasn’t worth reading to tell you the truth.


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      1. Everyone knows that berkeley has always been THE hotbed of loyalty on all things military. So you’re criticism like that of teddies goes far, very far. Hanoi Jane has always been more popular than any military member on either of those campuses. Tell me which Cali school holds the record for alumni still hiding in Canada 🇨🇦??

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      2. Cal75—
        I love ya buddy, but I gotta tell ya this —USC is not Cal. We have more than one library. Try Mudd Hall’s Philosophy Library for the 10 volume set of “USC Ethics.”

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    2. P76
      I’m looking on that site & it’s going to take a little while to find you in order to shoot you a PM. Sometime today prob. Not an easy site to navigate & my intention is not to troll. I’m only here because I read this site for 2yrs on the DailyNews & figured I could needle MG.
      Next show 8-18. Canteena well stocked. No animals allowed so leave your entourage in the parking lot. Fun times. Lot of SC alums stop by to give me sh1t. I fly the CAL flag proudly. You’ll need a designated driver I’m afraid. Oh, & before I forget….*your.

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    3. Pudly –Thanks for putting things in sharper perspective. L. A. County collects LOTS of money (starting with your very high property taxes) for the purpose of maintaining its streets, buildings and monuments…..

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      1. That’s what’s so frustrating about this story of scottie’s. If not for USC the great “la Memorial Coliseum” would resemble more the original and be overrun with rats as are most other downtown facilities managed by either county or city bureaucrats. scottie should take a long walk back on this one.

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    4. Pudly, the truth is that you Hungarians were Nazi sympathizers who served willingly in the Nazi forces! Your grandparents and parents sent .5 million Hungarian Jewa to Asuwitz to be murdered!

      You should shut your mouth about veterans!!


  2. Wolf, USC can’t ever do anything to please you. What a warped sense of righteousness you possess. “Not often right but never been wrong.”

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      1. Don’t mind Pudly 76, he’s just a bored, dumb ass, but one thing for sure, his wife loves my meatballs, and slurps my spaghetti. Ain’t that right, Dick Head 76 ?


      2. Ooh baby you are so macho. You’re little spaghetti dick is impressive. Limp as the noodle you’re named after.


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      3. Spin it anyway you like pud – how you ‘claiming’ to have some military credence could ever let this back end of a mule say what he did with your ‘ha ha’ is beyond me.

        Now the claim is some military pedigree and that’s why this twerp gets a ‘pass’? is that it? Many of us here lived through those horrible times with classmates who volunteered or were (most cases) drafted (1965-1973). We watched as the demoncrats systematically, step-by=step destroyed this nation at it’s core with their hearings (Church-ID) and their demonstrations and the subsequent implosion of what our fathers had fought for in WWII.

        ‘blank’ this ass clown jo’ momma 69


  3. Many a USC grads have gone on to have distinguished military careers. Many of them, like my roommate at USC, died in service to our country. So maybe you should STFU instead of trying to be funny.

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    1. Not likely with this clown and his other ‘posting buds’ egging him on…he’s found his two friends and they have no problem whatsoever with him mocking USC.

      Oh yeah and his ‘personal’ note of a ‘truce’ to the same two supporters


      1. You’re out of turn Alv. You don’t know me, my military background nor that of my family. So you can take your “holier than” shit and put it back where it came from. Seriously. Maybe when you show the medals you earned than you can speak to the issue of why we sacrifice. Until then leave in the can you bought it in.


    2. Morgan, I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. Not my intention to belittle Any SC person & their service to the U.S.A.

      Thank you for recognizing that I was TRYING to be funny. Sometimes the written word does not convey intent properly.
      After I take my required CAL monthly shower in August, I’m confidant P76 will report right here how my attempts at humor in person fall flat also.

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  4. Whoa, what an interesting flow of WWII Memorial comments.

    What’s interesting is no comments were contributed by a WWII vet; most of the comments were made by the sons of WW II and Korean War vets and possibly the sons of VN vets.

    Following Pearl Harbor, Felony U, for no other reason than CS, knee-jerk patriotism, expelled its J/A students, and righteously supported the forced internment of Japanese American citizens in US concentration camps. It will take a 1000 years to erase the ugly US stain of those J/A internment camps.

    During WWII, the most decorated infantry unit was the J/A “Segregated 442nd Regimental Combat Team and its predecessor the 100th infantry battalion.”

    Following the WWII Allied Victory, that F**K’G temple of devout Methodist Christian lifestyle, Felony U blatantly refused to supply returning J/A vets and internees the Felony U transcripts of their earned class credits prior to the war. So those former Felony U students had to start all over at another LA University.

    I’m sure there were many brave white bread bozo students and grads who lost limbs and/or life in the Armed Services during the 2.5 wars listed above.

    However, I find it difficult to credit USC worthy of an on-campus War Memorial.


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