Mark Stevens Is Not Your Average USC Trustee

Golden State Warriors minority owner Mark Stevens is not only a member of the USC Board of the Trustees, he is a member of the board’s executive committee.

That is a powerful 17-member committee of trustees who deal with important issues like the resignation of Max Nikias and the investigation into former medical school dean Carmen Puliafito.

So Stevens is not your average trustee. He is intimately involved in significant issues and probably close to board chair Rick Caruso. Wonder if Stevens ever shoved any trustees during a meeting?


30 thoughts on “Mark Stevens Is Not Your Average USC Trustee

  1. Yes, Scott, Stevens DID shove trustees during meetings —and Caruso repeatedly refused to fine him $500,000…….

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    1. in case you haven’t noticed, people who get on wolfmans sh!t-list don’t stay around very long!!

      Hell-Ton is an exception, but lets face it, he’s been a dead man walking for years now.

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      1. “Let’s?” Anyway, Chaz. Have any of ucla’s coaches been on any of Flow’s shit lists? No. Because none of them are relevant. Not even Chippy. Chaz-on and lisp-in, Chazzy. Missed ya. You and Flow are doing a bang-up job on the site moderation.


    2. Ken….smh. Are you serious?? 99% of your comments are negative! You should be long dead by now!

      I’ve read honest people live longer in relative to angry and negative people like you.

      #longLivéWolfman #becauseinternetsaidso


  2. I’ll tolerate Stevens if he shows that he can be a trustee that cares and looks out for the football program.




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  3. Question. Is there any thing at all that you like about USC or anyone that is associated with USC that you respect? Just wondering. If you hate USC so much why do you call your ridiculous blog “Inside USC” and write about something you hate so much? You are going to die early if you keep it up. There is lots of research that shows the chronically negative people have a shortened life span. Check it out:


      1. Wolf an is an opportunistic clown who is taking advantage of USC’s issues. Hell, he didn’t like Pete Carroll. Who does he like. His right hand and his mama.

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      2. Charlie —
        “So I pass hostel, hall and grange
        By bridge and ford, by park and pale,
        All-arm’d I ride, whatever betide,
        Until I find the Holy Grail.”
        Has Scott’s search ended……?


    1. Ken….smh. Are you serious?? 99% of your comments are negative! You should be long dead by now!

      I’ve read honest people live longer in relative to angry and negative people like you.

      #longLivéWolfman #becauseinternetsaidso

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  4. This daily drivel isn’t “inside USC”…….. it’s “inside Scotty Potty’s Slimyass Noggin”.

    Nauseatingly crappy writing of the ill conceived bitter notions of a disturbed deviant.

    I’m here for the handful actual Trojans regulars that can colorfully and factually express themselves while espousing the value of loyalty and support of The University of Southern California.

    We the South.


      1. P76 my dear,
        Last year we ‘played’ offense toward the end of the season with 6 walk ons. Our Corona del Mar freshman QB needed a push in the spring so 12 months ago the chipster traded Modster to us for an In-N-Out to be named later. Inexpensive insurance & fabulous 4* scout QB. Youz guyz had a 19yrold 5* freshman QB & we had a 19 yrold 4* freshman QB with no receivers. Be interesting to watch to see who develops.


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      2. Your arrogance after winning one in a row is amazingly well practiced. Of course you bears had so many years to practice. Is it true that there are no karaoke bars in berkeley? That bear fans get drunk and go onstage practicing arrogance on the slim chance they should win one??? Must make for great weekends!
        A couple more wins, and bears fans will have to practice the art of having been there before!!


      3. Like I said P76, I continue to get my drivel right here. Thank you so much. Who pissed on your Wheaties this morning?


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      4. Eat my Wheaties dry, thanks though. Must be a berkeley thing. I’d like to see your exhibit….you can pm me at we are Sc dot com

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  5. The Bucket is Back!
    Good to see you back, C.B.
    I tried to stay away but I needed the gravity that The Wolfman’s moral compass provides.
    Business is good for a Muckraker when there is this much muck at old SoCal.
    P.S. Why do they still call these guys “Trustees”


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