USC Backs Down And Will Not Change Coliseum Name

USC will no longer change the name of the Coliseum.

The university will now call it United Airlines Field at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum after United Airlines agreed to a compromise deal following pressure of politicians and veterans.

The deal is now 10 years instead of 16. USC did not reveal how much less it will receive than the original $69 million agreement. USC official Todd Dickey estimated in March the deal would lose 30-40 percent of its value if the naming rights were switched to the field from the stadium.

“Through this process, USC was guided by doing the right thing for the community as we continue to honor our veterans,” USC interim president Wanda Austin said.

Said Coliseum Commission president Janice Hahn: “I am pleased that USC and United have come together in a way that will honor the memories of veterans who served in World War I and our broader community of veterans.”

This saga revealed all kinds of inconsistencies:

  • The Coliseum Commission happily approved the original deal in 2018 and then suddenly changed its tune when Hahn joined the commission and opposed it.
  • USC’s greed and hubris created the problem by trying to change the name of a historic stadium that honored World War I veterans when it opened in 1923 and eventually all veterans.
  • Remember this deal was struck when Max Nikias was still in full control and money trumped morals.
  • How about United Airlines? It threatened to completely pull out of the deal in March but now is happy with the field rights? Did I mention United CEO Oscar Munoz is on the USC Board of Trustees? Of course he is.

12 thoughts on “USC Backs Down And Will Not Change Coliseum Name

  1. It is really bad form for Hahn to make demands after a deal has been struck and approved by the commission and UAL. On the other hand, you would think that at least someone involved should have expected substantial criticism about commercially renaming a long-standing memorial venue. Did they really think that would go unnoticed?

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    1. Yeah, like LA did SO much recently for either the Memorial Coliseum or veterans. Keeping LA in the name was only grandstanding. Ms Hahn knows how to protest and could well have vented her opinions earlier.

      Oh well it’s a done deal and it’ll help offset some of the renovation costs.

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      1. Yes, and if the city wanted to preserve the name after the fact, they could have made some type of offer. But of course they didn’t.

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      2. Boy you’re an eastern european!! Your ancestors welcomed the nazi soldiers as they marched in your streets!

        I wouldn’t be surprised if your grandfather was in the Nazi army shooting at our soldiers as they were storming the beaches on D-day!

        #ScumBag #SticktoSodomy


  2. Wow! Thanks for the scoop Pudly 76, as if we didn’t already know, that it would offset some of the renovation cost . And btw, let your wife know, that I have some meaty meat BALLS to go along with my spaghetti. #dumbass 💋💋💋💋


    1. Saw your ad at the vets the other day….pretty cool picture of your neuticals..though I was wondering, “do those stainless steel balls jingle when you walk?” And “were they the same pair that Queeg was squeezing the whole movie?”
      Your so macho…nothing like fake balls to blow up your ego eh boy?



  3. Of course southern cal BACKED DOWN!! It’s what southern cal does!

    Has anyone read the book of southern cal war heros??!! It’s all of two pages! Most all of em’ hid behind daddy’s money and “served” in the peace corp instead of going to Vietnam!

    I meet one southern cal grad that said he served in the peace corp in Saipan (vacation island) because it was a greater good than going to Vietnam!



    1. What’s up teddie? Slow day at the bus stop..remember the good ole days when you had the park and ride and tips were almost $15 a day. Oh where have the good times gone?

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  4. So if it is a war memorial, does that mean the vagrants will no longer be allowed to pee on the trees? And shouldn’t there be more than a measly plaque to commemorate the veterans? I know you are thinking the name is memorial but that doesn’t really say much. Certainly since the Trojans have occupied the field for most of the stadium’s life, they should be able to have something to commemorate the Trojan war too. Come to think of it;- hasn’t the naming thing become a bit of an Odyssey? Yeah and Hahn was a cyclops the two vets they interviewed were the other suitors. It is a commemoration of the Trojan wars.

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