USC’s All Pac-12 Preseason Picks

It has to be a little concerning that Phil Steele has only four USC players on his Pac-12 Conference first team and one of those is a long snapper. Wide receiver Michael Pittman, wide receiver Tyler Vaughns (as a punt returner, defensive tackle Jay Tufele and long snapper Damon James are the proud few.

So two of the four are on special teams despite being coached by John Baxter.

10 thoughts on “USC’s All Pac-12 Preseason Picks

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  2. It’s a new USC low when John Baxter is considered the best coordinator on the team.




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    1. Not too long ago Baxter was considered a wizard at special teams. His unit was innovative and unpredictable. Something happened to him that changed his outlook. His players were allowed to disrespect him and they openly shirk their duties. I am surprised he hasn’t left for greener fields. Maybe this year his squad will be his again and once again be the ace up our sleeve.

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      1. Very smart observation, Rialto. It’s hard for older coaches, however talented (and Baxter IS talented), to get younger players pumped up about giving their all and playing with their hair on fire. Obviously Callahan couldn’t do it. I have a sneaking suspicion Harrell would love to have a young Turk coaching the 0-line……

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  3. USC lacks productivity on their interior lines, which is why they will have back to back losing season. Bozo Helton just doesn’t get it, he has better ideas on how to win games, that don’t include controlling the line of scrimmage. His new air attack philosophy has never won a national championship, but don’t try telling him that 😂😂

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    1. You actually think that Helton doesn’t want to control the line of scrimmage? This isn’t 1982. Southern California high school offenses all run the spread, heck even Clemson and Alabama do. It doesn’t mean that SC doesn’t want to control the line of scrimmage.

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