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Clay Helton is on crutches after an Achilles’ injury. Fill in your own comment.

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      1. Ruptured my achilles playing basketball and was in a walking boot four weeks after surgery. The tendon can’ t be immobilized for too long otherwise scar tissue will build up and the tendon will become rigid and stiff. Even during tbose first 4 weeks, I was on a on stationary bike building up the calf muscle which is key to recovery. In 2 months, I was walking unassisted and with no walking boot. Took me 10 months to get back on the court for light basketball activities.


  1. Oh my bad, I thought it was a punch line contest; Q. how did Clay Helton hurt his Achilles tendon? A: backpedaling his position on defense. or Q. What is Clay Helton’s Achilles heel? A. Scott Wolf.
    Q.What’s the difference between the story of Achilles and the USC football head coach?
    A. The story of Achilles is a Greek tragedy and the USC football coach is a Trojan travesty ….Enough?

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    1. The story of Achilles isn’t really a tragedy, RT —the Greeks believed our lives were stories that we presented to the Gods —the greatest stories were those in which the hero died at the highest arc of life. I only bring this up to suggest…..

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      1. A little “Achilles Last Stand” playing in the background…

        “…and the mighty arms of Atlas, hold the heavens from the Earth…”

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    2. What’s the difference between Clay Helton and Nick Saban?

      A. Everything
      B. Helton thinks he knows football, Saban knows how to think football.
      C. Saban has a use for Sark.
      D. All of the above

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      1. Can we suspend judgement on (c) until the end of the 2019 season, Steve….?


  2. “Clay Helton is on crutches after an Achilles’ injury.”

    That’s what Errand Boy gets for trying to walk and chew gum at the same time.

    Helton should know by now that he isn’t smart enough to pull that off.


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