USC Expects To Hire Jason Gill As Baseball Coach

USC is in the final stages of hiring Loyola Marymount baseball coach Jason Gill. An official announcement could come as soon as Thursday, sources said.

Reaction: Gill cannot be worse than former coach Dan Hubbs.

But here is a story that will not inspire anyone regarding the search:

Last week, then-St. Mary’s coach Eric Valenzuela spent 5.5 hours interviewing with Long Beach State. USC interviewed Valenzuela for one hour and never showed him any of the baseball facilities. Valenzuela took the Long Beach job.

Gill was not the first choice but others passed, notably UC Santa Barbara coach Andrew Checketts.

“He was the fifth choice,” a source told me.

But like I said, he should be better than Hubbs. This is not encouraging for any possible football search.

13 thoughts on “USC Expects To Hire Jason Gill As Baseball Coach

  1. A one-hour job interview for a head baseball coach?

    Scottie, check your sources – that sounds implausible. Administrative assistant job interviews last longer than an hour.

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    1. There’s nothing particularly wrong with Gill, there’s nothing particularly right with Gill. He’s a solid .500 coach…

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      1. Well I’m sold.
        When he says “a source told me”

        Even when it’s something as the hiring of the USC Baseball Coach that has now seemed to be irrelevant since there is nothing really when you look up Dan Hubbs and the firing/hiring, but SW always finds a way to disrespect USC and now the guy who has yet to be named the head coach.

        He’s a real piece of…….


  2. I read that Jason Gill’s strong point is his recruiting, and he did run a decent program at LMU over the last decade. So let’s see what he can do with a much bigger platform . And let’s not forget former USC baseball coach, Mike Gillespie arrived from College of the Canyon, a local community college where he was quite successful . I thought the SC administration would give Gillespie’s former right hand man at UC Irvine, Mike Altobelli an interview, because a great coach, and has led Orange Coast College to several state championships

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  3. What a complete farce if true. So many good assts. coaches
    at high profile programs these days to stick with the westcoast
    bland nobody. Swann has to be brain dead from all the football
    hits during his career . A chance to put some new life into the
    baseball program and goes for this kind of hire.


    1. Supposedly the Athletic Department was letting former USC BB players help in the identify/review/interview process. That would mean Swann would rubber stamp their choice. That is at least what Wolf said last week. I would put very, very little credence in a Wolf source. Most are figments of his lurid imagination.


  4. Most of these responses are coming from people who have no idea what they’re talking about. Besides Fred Sampson, you are all exposing your baseball coaching ignorance. Do your homework. Jason Gill played on a CSF college world series team under LEGEND Coach Garrido. Has been to Omaha as a coach or player four times. He was an asst to Guriddo (CSF), Horton (at CSF and UO), Savage (UCI) Dave Snow (Team USA twice) and a few other coaches. Head coach for past 11 years, etc…
    Jason’s a great choice. You’ll see!


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