USC Going After Big Prospects

USC already received a commitment from Joey Wright, who is either 6-5, 6-6 or 6-7.

Today, USC offered offensive tackle Jonah Miller of Tucson, who is 6-8, 298 pounds.

At least he is big. Who knows how good he is. Clay Helton? Tim Drevno?

16 thoughts on “USC Going After Big Prospects

  1. “Who knows how good he is?”

    C’mon, Scottie. He is ranked either 4 or 5 stars, and he has an offer from Texas. But if he was a 3 star, then Scottie would make sure to let us know. Here is the write-up from 24/7:

    “Broad-shouldered frame with strong lower half. Carries 285 pounds well, with plenty of room to add mass. Impressively agile for his size. Repeatedly reaches second level to open running lanes. Finishes blocks well with nasty streak. Physical off the point of attack. Uses hands well in pass protection. Top-notch run blocker who seals his gap. Could do better to maintain pad level through contact. Has to improve flexibility and slide his feet against speed rushers. Potential multi-year starter at Power Five level and NFL Draft Day 3 selection.”

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    1. The quote above is exactly the quote about Damien Mama when he was being recruited… Now he is just blocking dudes from carrying on shampoo bottles at his TSA job!

      I could see the future now for this young man… Go to southern cal and turn your potential into a government job! $12 an hour! Pretty on par for someone with a southern cal education.


      1. Teddy,

        It beats going to Thug U aka ruinville and only being able to get a Master’s Degree in pizza delivery that pays $9.00 an hour plus tip.


    1. Only with less insight….

      Seriously though, Wolf is a pitiful joke. No insider knowledge – or even competent general knowledge – just pure whiny bullshit.

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      1. You seem to be new here so I’ll cut you some slack…. But don’t you ever, in your *life*, say anything against the Wolfman!

        Don’t make the Wolf angry…. you wouldn’t like it if the Wolfman angry.


  2. Also, we all know Wolf’s growth spurt never materialized, but I wonder if he understands that 17-18 year old kids sometimes continue to grow taller?

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    1. You better slow your roll little man. You’re gonna need a favour from the Wolfman one day! Then what will you do? You heartless wench!


      1. “Favour.” The British spelling! Ted is from the United Kingdom! Home of Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot….and the evil Mordred…..

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      2. Teddy,

        if you don’t know already, you are one stupid putz. Don’t ever rag on Pudly. He has more brains and knowledge that you will ever have. To call him a Hungarian nazi sodomizer just shows the class that most Thug U aka ruinville fans and pizza delivery alumni have, none. You took the things from Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden taught, no class.


  3. If the kid is a 4 or 5 star now, he’ll be a 2 star when Helton gets done with him if he decides to go to USC.



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