USC Adds Another 3-Star (Honest)

Andres Dewerk, a three-star offensive tackle from Los Gatos, Calif., committed to USC today.

Remember, USC has not had a four-star offensive line recruit in 14 months.

Six of the past eight offensive line recruits were three stars or less.

His other offers were from Arizona, Boston College, Colorado, Colorado State, Fresno State, Hawaii, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, Oregon State, Sacramento State, San Jose State, UCLA, Washington and Wyoming.

16 thoughts on “USC Adds Another 3-Star (Honest)

  1. USC used to be “Offensive Lineman U”, but that was when the university and alumn cared about the Trojan football program enough to where they wouldn’t put up with incompetent coaching for very long.

    The Trojans are going on 10 years straight now of having it’s football program run by second rate coaches and it’s a damn shame!

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    1. That’s because of the arrogant administration, who think because it’s USC , anybody can coach the football team. Lane Kiffin, Steve Sarkisian, and now Bozo Helton are all second rate idiots. Sarkisian got laughed out of Atlanta, and it’s just a matter of time before Nick Saban put his foot up his ass. Then there’s Kiffin, and for whatever reason, people thought he was the end all to be all . But look for him to eventually get fired within two years, because he’s finally been exposed. And as for Bozo Helton, this will be his last head coaching position, because no other athletic directors are stupid as Pat Haden, and the EXTRA stupid, Lynn Swann

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  2. Sweeeettttt! The competition will be intense, the four and five stars will not get complacent, and, best of all, the 3 stars will drive el Lobo bonkers.


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  3. Four USC 5* OL made NFL, only two 4* and two 3* in last decade.

    Tyrone Smith 5* – NFL
    Matt Kahlil 5* – NFL
    Ryan Kahlil 5* – NFL
    Chuma Edoga 5* – drafted NFL
    Jordan Simmons 4* – NFL
    Zach Banner- 4* – NFL reserve
    Marcus Martin 3*- NFL
    Chad Wheeler 3* – NFL

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    1. Ryan Khalil was not a 5*. Rivals has him as a 3*. They also have Tyronn Smith and Chuma Edoga as 4 *. Rivals has been around the longest and are generally the most accurate.

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  4. Here are some numbers from Rivals. Com Recruiting OL-
    Three 5 * recruits in the entire 2020 class. None from California.
    45 Four star recruits. Two from California with Myles Murao of Mater Dei, and heavily leaning toward SC, being one of those two. The other Cali recruit is going somewhere else. Both of them play the Center position.
    The next 50 recruits in the Top 100 OL are 3 Star recruits. Only two of those are from California. A total of 4 OL from CA make the Top 100 OL nationally and only two of those are 4 *.
    Could SC do better? Of course. However, it isn’t all doom and gloom like SW makes it out to be.

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    1. If Peterson from Washington and Cristobal from Oregon offered him, then he is probably pretty good as SW cites these 2 as “good coaches”. So what is his beef now?

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    2. Good analysis showing the low number of 4* and 5* OL recruits. My problem is who has offered USC OL commits. Alabama has a 3* OL commit but his offers include Ohio State, Georgia, Clemson, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida State, Florida, Mississippi State, and USC. Our commits had offers from mostly Mt West, Big Sky, and lower echelon Pac-12 schools.

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    3. Nice stuff, Arturo — but how do we answer karma’s question about who’s going to coach ’em up? It’s a legitimate question. I’ve watched each and all of Drevno’s interviews since he took over the line and he’s not the Drevno of old. He seems like one of those overweight, over the hill (but formerly great) fighters you train with in the gym ——they have knowledge and experience but they’ve lost the fire in their belly and they’re now clearly slumming.


  5. Wait til this Los Gatos recruit gets a culture shock from living in Central Los Angeles.



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