USC Cancels Salute To Troy

USC always kicks off the season for the fans with the Salute to Troy barbecue at Cromwell Field.

But not this year. The event has been canceled. Why? Well, who actually wants to go?

Last year’s event was the smallest in memory.

Why does it matter? For one reason only: Now the 1969 and 1994 USC teams do not have a venue to be honored. The Salute to Troy always honored past teams.

I hear they are planning to have fans attend a scrimmage or something instead. But no one connected to the 1969 or 1994 teams has heard a word about being honored at that event.

18 thoughts on “USC Cancels Salute To Troy

      1. Sark is so trashed. Glad Haden —who was at Sark’s side RIGHT before he led that immortal cheer —didn’t notice.

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  1. Don’t be such a drama queen, Scott. The event has not been cancelled. The barbecue has just been moved to Mission Street.

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  2. The 1969 team was a special one. Everyone expected a rebuilding year, yet they delivered a huge upset win over Nebraska in the first game, and I believe that Jimmy Jones was on the cover of SI that week. And of course the 14-12 victory over ucla at a packed Colosseum with the Dickerson catch, and the Rose Bowl victory of Michigan. RB was completely full that day, must have been over 100,000 in the stadium.

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      1. On the money! That was a great offense for that time with Jones, Davis, and Dickerson. And the Wild Bunch. Sadly, several of those guys passed far too young.

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      2. Vella and Chandler were on that team as well (USC was a virtual farm system for pre-madness Al Davis)…


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    1. Gee whiz ’67, was the felony u salute canx’d in ’69?

      Ah yes. so then is then (50 years ago) and now is now (UCLA 34 – SUCCX 27)…………DING goes the Vic Bell!!



      1. Mule,
        Has chocchip ever let you smell the smeg between his N-N-Out flaps?


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  3. Memo to kal86:

    This is NOT a rugby blog.

    And BTW:

    Chip 37 – kal club rugby team 7

    #86 is it true that when your wife sits on your face, you can’t hear the music.


      1. kal86, w/o a doubt, compared to a mule, you’re a useless, dog food bound hinny.

        #Buffoonery cubed: kal FB, kal BB, kal Baseball.


  4. A sad day indeed. it was great to interact with the players on the field
    at Loker Stadium. A whole lot better than the Trojan Huddle at the L.A.
    Coliseum the past few years. The Athletic Dept. has become a disease
    which is spreading rapidly.


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