Where Are The Fans?

I focused last week on how the cancellation of the Salute to Troy affected the past teams that get honored.

But it also affects the families of current players who usually come to enjoy the festivities with their sons and the diehard fans who come to the event.

“We weren’t selling many tickets,” a USC employee told me.

Clay Helton is strangling the football program and Lynn Swann doesn’t care.

14 thoughts on “Where Are The Fans?

  1. A reminder of Clay Helton’s Trojan Football Disaster Last Year…Lynn Swann deserves some of the credit as well.

    From Sports Illustrated:

    After falling to Notre Dame 24–17 on Saturday night, USC finished with a losing record for the first time since 2000. There were 59,821 people in attendance at the Los Angeles Coliseum, the lowest number at a USC–Notre Dame game in L.A. since 1960.

    When head coach Clay Helton was shown in a video board message thanking the fans, he drew resounding boos. When Helton walked off the field and into the tunnel following the defeat, he flashed a Fight On sign with his hand. “Fire Helton” chants were shouted back at him.

    For a game that offered USC a chance to spoil its rival’s CFP chances, the fans in attendance seemed decidedly apathetic about the on-field action, but they were certainly intent on making their feelings known about their current head coach.

    In the face of a scene that should have raised every red flag possible, USC athletic director Lynn Swann announced on Sunday that Helton would return for the 2019 season.

    The most damning line from Swann’s statement: “We acknowledge and understand our deficiencies in areas that include culture, discipline, schemes, personnel and staff.”

    It doesn’t take long to realize the flaws of the coaching staff when watching USC play. The Trojans are undisciplined (123rd in penalty yards per game), sloppy (120th in turnover margin) and inconsistent (they surrendered 14 consecutive points or more in 10 of their 12 games).

    The 2018 staff’s in-game coaching shortcomings were clear. USC scored first in 10 of its 12 games. USC held a double-digit lead in eight of its 12 games. But while opposing staffs were able to implement successful adjustments, USC’s failed to find an appropriate counter. The Trojans scored 10.7 points per game in second halves this season, which ranks 103rd. In the season’s final three games—losses to Cal, UCLA and Notre Dame—USC was outscored 45–10 in the second half, and that was after Helton took over play-calling duties from demoted offensive coordinator Tee Martin.

    This is a team that was outscored 242–239 in conference play despite clearly having the most talent in the Pac-12—USC is one of four programs in the country with top-10 recruiting classes in each of the past five years, and the other three are Alabama, Ohio State and Georgia. Yes, USC did win a Rose Bowl and a Pac-12 title in Helton’s first two years, but it still had a ways to go to compete for a national title. Just look at the games against Alabama and Ohio State, where USC lost by a combined score of 76–13.

    And yet, despite those results and the issues with “culture, discipline, schemes, personnel and staff,” despite the Trojans’ immediate dip in competitiveness once Sam Darnold jumped to the NFL—USC has more double-digit losses (six) than overall wins (four) against Power 5 foes without Darnold since Helton was named full-time head coach—Swann decided to run it back with the same coach at the helm.

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  2. You don’t have to worry about where the crowd is. I am going to buy up any tickets that is not sold so SC can boast that all the games at the coliseum are sold out! Do you know how rich I am??!!


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  3. What is there to salute ? A university plagued with scandal, doctors sexually assaulting students, a former medical school Dean messing around with a young prostitute and drug user in Pasadena, former Athletic Director stealing from charities, former medical school Dean harassing faculty members, a former business School Dean looking the other way when people are harassed in his department and his only defense is that he did not do it, scandal in the School of Social work involving the son of a Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor member getting $100K, admissions fraud throughout the Athletic Department and the sons and daughters of rich alumni coming in through the side door of admissions, a football program on the brink of another disastrous year, and a
    Board of Trustees so incompetent that you wonder how any of them ever got appointed (besides money and connection, and C.L. Max Nikias hiding out in Manhattan Beach avoiding prosecution for allowing the Student Health Center doctor to prey on Asian girls. Jeez, wonder why no one was buying tickets.

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  4. SC no longer has the money to fund tribute events or pay former coaches (John Robinson) because the university is being shaken down by the MeToo movement bogus lawsuits. That is where to put the most blame. SC doesn’t have the bucks to let bumblee dum Helton go. Swann was brought in to do fund raising, not as administrator (delegated to Lopes). This is what you get with Leftism.

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    1. “SC no longer has the money to fund tribute events or pay former coaches (John Robinson)”?

      What happen to all those supposed Billions of Dollars from fundraising…did Pat Haden and Max Nikias embezzle what was left after Nikias’ #USCCampusExpansionConstructionKickBackScam ?

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  5. Clay Helton and Lynn Swann…

    …and Steve Lopes, Max Nikias and a Board of Trustees that doesn’t care.



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  6. Just call an air strike and drop about 40 napalm bombs on SC. That will get rid of the cockroaches. You will see who stands by SC and who deserts when this happens. Troy is burning.


  7. Instead of trying to right the wrong and fix the clusterfuck that Max Nikias, Pat Haden, Tyndall and others created by getting back to Trojan Tradition of at least being competent (LOL)…the idiots that make up the USC BoT sit on the sidelines doing nothing to rid USC of corrupt administrators and the know nothing unqualified overpaid athletic director who couldn’t care less that USC football is now a sub .500 program, being coached by an incompetent fool that has no business being the head football coach at USC.

    This clown Lynn Swann figures that the more Trojan events he can put an end to, the less appearances he will be expected to attend.

    USC is paying Lynn Swann $250,000 every month and for what, so he can laugh all the way to the bank, cashing those checks he hasn’t earned and sure as hell doesn’t deserve, while not giving a shit that USC football is being run into the ground by the clueless second rate coach that he gave a contract extension to.

    Lynn Swann is a real Piece Of Shit! The motherfucker should break down and hire a speech therapist, he’s fucking 67 years old and still talks with a lisp. How Gawd Damn lazy does he have to be, still talking with a lisp…Damn!


  8. How long will Carol Folt allow the athletic department bleed itself to death, the quicker the heads roll, the faster the recovery. USC has a history of dragging their feet, and over thinking when it comes to making coaching, and personnel changes. Which is why they ended up with Lynn Swann, and Clay Helton, who both wouldn’t qualify for their current positions at any other major institutions.


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