USC Fourth Of July Notes

  • USC offensive tackle Austin Jackson will donate bone marrow next week to his little sister, Autumn, who suffers from Diamond-Blackfan anemia.
  • One thing about the lawsuit filed by Rick Courtright. It shows a different side to Clay Helton, which is consistent with USC assistant coaches who say the “nice guy” image changes inside the McKay Center and view him as “two-faced.”
  • The lawsuit said Helton agreed to make Courtright the 10th assistant coach at USC and eventually barred him from campus and forced him to resign.
  • Today is the birthday of USC’s first All-American, Brice Taylor. He was one of its first African-American players.
  • Taylor was an All-American despite not having a left hand. Taylor was also the head coach at Southern University and helped start the Bayou Classic against Grambling. He is pictured above.
  • USC has still not announced how it will honor the 1969 and 1994 teams now that the Salute to Troy has been canceled. I mention this because if people don’t continue to focus on it, USC might sweep it under the rug.

18 thoughts on “USC Fourth Of July Notes

      1. Link, his 2x wide is off the pier blocks and sideways on the ground.



  1. Happy 4th Pudly, Michael, and the rest. Just Rent, suck it. It must kill ya to not live in Commie land, oh wait, u do, u live in the State of California, led by the Commie Gov. Newsome

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  2. Watching President Trump on Fox News. What a great speech and 4th greatest president of all time. He does what he says. Love that. He can say things that make u shake ur head, but after an explanation or by seeing the action take place, it makes sense.

    God Bless America, President Trump, men and women who have served and people who truly love this country and truly want to see her great again

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    1. pt —Nice thoughts. tebow’s response tells you everything you need to know …


    2. Yes by all means tear down Teddy Roosevelt’s mug off of mt. Rushmore and put Trump’s face on it! Dammed the cost! I have accountants who’ll pay for it all!

      Do you know how rich I am??!!


      1. NO BS
        Save something for the season.
        Like the cost of buying the refs when the game’s on the line.


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  3. LMFAO!!!!

    Trump’s speech at the parade tanked!

    The Stealth bomber was late when Trump announced the fly-over, he’s standing there expecting it to be right on cue and it wasn’t.

    Barely any applause from the trumpster’s during Trump’s speech.

    Damn…what a disaster!


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      1. Mule, Venezuela will take you. You can service the donkeys. Take short bus with you. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.



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