The Ex-Player Fallout Continues

Does USC even care that it is alienating its former players? I’m sure its response would be, “you cannot listen to one disgruntled player.”

But I hear USC legends Ronnie Lott and Marcus Allen are now aware of the situation as word spreads of the decision to honor former teams at the new fall scrimmage on August 17 instead of the now-canceled Salute to Troy dinner.

Here is what a former player from the 1980’s wrote me:

“Players used to be individually announced on stage at Salute to Troy. They did not have to sit in seats in 90-degree weather in the roasting Coliseum. And their families could enjoy a nice event on the USC campus, not in a hot stadium on a non-game day.”

I’m wondering how many fans will even want to go to the Coliseum on a mid-August day for an afternoon scrimmage?

16 thoughts on “The Ex-Player Fallout Continues

  1. This should have been a well-planned, high profile event announced several months in advance so that as many players as possible could attend.

    Instead, this was cobbled together 5 weeks ahead of time, as part of a scrimmage in which there may only be five or six thousand people attending. Seems totally incompetent.

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  2. According to my sources, Reggie Bush can’t wait to come back with the 2004 and/or the 2005 Felony U teams, and he doesn’t care where the venue the team honors are held.

    Reggie just wants to be able to charge a $100.00 a pop for his autograph at the events.


    1. Who from any ucla football team in the last 30 years would anybody come to see much less get an autograph. Last time in Rose Bowl (1988), how many BCS appearances, how many playoffs? As screwed up as USC is now it is comforting to know ucla football has been mortally screwed over since 1951, the year of your half. Championship. ROTFLMAO!

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      1. Last year UCLA began organizing a “Semi Salute to UCLA Football”……honoring players “who’ve appeared in 2nd and 3rd tier bowls.”
        Unfortunately, according to UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero, “so many of our football players had fled the country or taken their own lives that it simply wasn’t worth pursuing.”

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      2. Ruin football died when Red Sanders died in 1958. They haven’t been able to keep a good coach since ( Prothro lasted 6 years, Vermeil 2). The sad thing is that the same type of tin eared football hating educrats who have guided the ruins into political correct obscurity the last six decades seem to have floated across town and were hired by Nikias and Haden.

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      3. GT22 – you said it.

        The only thing to add is that those same educrats pretend to like football if they think that is what a major donor wants to hear.

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      4. How —seriously —could one of the confused, victimized 2x a day intellectuals currently running the University have any appreciation for the beauty of an extremely physical game —-which actually has a beginning, middle and end….and clear cut losers and winners…?

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      5. 67—Last year there actually was ONE safe place on the field — it was reserved for opposing receivers in our secondary.

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      6. Stinkster you pathetic dunce, not in 1951.

        In 1954 UCLA mugged Felony U 34 – 0. But in those days PCC and Big 10 FB teams could not go to the RB in consecutive seasons. So the 1954 Felony U, the second place PCC team went to the RB and LOST to Ohio St. 20- 7.

        Ohio St. and UCLA shared the 1954 National FB Championship.

        And Stinkster, the 1954 BB season was the last time a bozo u men’s BB team appeared in an NCAA BB Final Four. Ironically those bozo’s finished in 4th Place.

        So my point is Stinkster, since 1954, UCLA FB has been to the RB more times than Felony U BB has been to another Final Four.


  3. Geez rents, your postings have gotten so tired, its the same thing over and over. Who are you trying to impress? You didn’t even to to ucla. There is serious mental illness there.


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