USC Sets Jersey Numbers

USC has given jersey numbers to its freshmen: Chris Steele will wear No. 8; Bru McCoy is now No. 14; Adonis Otey is No. 13; Munir McClain is No. 13; Drake London is No. 15; Dorian Hewett is No. 22; Kenan Christon is No. 23; Kaulana Makalua is No. 23; Jayden Williams is No. 25; Tuasivi Nomura is No. 44; Maninoa Tufono is No. 45; Jason Rodriguez is 77; Dejon Benton is 79; Kyle Ford is No. 81; Ethan Rae is No. 85

7 thoughts on “USC Sets Jersey Numbers

  1. Here’s a link to the 2019 Trojan Media Guide for those interested…

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  2. You won’t see 95% of those guys on the field getting game experience anyway.

    Does not matter how good they are or how much they could help the team, Helton and Pendergast play their favorites and use the redshirt excuse to sit players that don’t quite show enough love and loyalty.

    If any of those players listed above want to see significant playing time early then they better form a line and be prepared to kiss a lot of ass…starting with J.T. Daniels, probably J.T.’s father, Pendergast and Helton.

    Swann will probably charge for the Chapstick for those willing to partake.


    1. I wore 00 with the first organized youth football team I played for, and everyone thought it was cool, and wanted to switch


  3. All I am gonna say is that no one better be wearing #35! It should be retired!! It was worn by the greatest trOJan in history! Petros Papadakis!

    #longlivePetros #longliveWolf

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