Can Clay Helton Perform Basic Duties?

  • Clay Helton might be a buffoon but that is no excuse from shirking media duties. He gets paid more than $3 million a year but cannot answer questions on Wednesdays during the season.
  • So if a USC defensive player gets injured, you will have the human statue, Clancy Pendergast, as the lead authority to give a poor answer. If an offensive player gets hurt, who knows whether USC will address it because offensive coaches are not allowed to speak on Wednesdays.
  • Helton cannot even perform basic job duties any more.
  • The Pac-12 is expected to announced at media day that it will move its title game to Las Vegas for the 2020 season.

33 thoughts on “Can Clay Helton Perform Basic Duties?

  1. In MG and trojan67’s book if Clay Helton manages to pull 7 wins out of his ass for the 2019 season he deserves to stay…pull 9 wins out and the Sunshine Pumpers will be all in on giving him a contract extension.

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    1. TO, where do you get that from? Your posts should be accurate. This one is not.

      I would like both Swann and Helton to be gone. Last season was just about the most frustrating I have ever seen.

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      1. T-67:

        I get the sense that BK & TO are actually well-intentioned…

        Have no idea, but infer from their tenor that they are reacting to CH the way some of us are old enough to have reacted to the Hack and TedTol (and the unrealized early promise of Larry Smith) – maybe they were around for that as well…

        I remember how shocking 1983 was and how angry I was (the bottom of the barrel was the home loss to Kansas) then…and how that only grew when an 8-1 start and upset of #1 Washington was spoiled with blowout losses to UCLA and ND (even a great Rose Bowl win over a truly powerhouse Ohio State team wasn’t enough to get rid of the sour taste entirely) the next year…

        Never an excuse for such subpar performance…and hopefully it will end soon (one way or another)…


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      2. GT22 – Yes, the ’83 season was a disaster – including that awful loss to South Carolina. And you are absolutely right – hopefully this all ends one way or another, very soon.

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  2. About 5 months ago Clay was sitting around the office and thought: “What happens if we get off to a bad start? How long will I be able to hold off nasty questions with a shrug and a stern look? Wait a second! I don’t HAVE to answer questions —I’ve got an extended contract with a great buy out!”

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    1. MG-You had us at the “5 months ago”…that he was even in a position to ruminate as such is the heart of the problem…and he’s still there…and we still have been given no reason to believe they have anything like a plan or even someone capable of developing one…but as we’ve discussed, if everything went perfectly, they might win 8 games…that shouldn’t be the goal, so I’m hoping (and not against the players – they deserve way the **** better) things do not go well (ie continuation of the way last season Hindenburg’d)…but, at the end of the day…if this is what one is going to froth over…perspective…

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      1. Ha! [Scott had me even earlier— at “baffoon”]. I agree this is probably gonna be a tough year, James. But I’m sticking to my earlier suggestion that —if we can add 10 points to our scoring — we’ll win 9 games. [I’ve watched a lot of film of last year’s games and it’s unbelievable how many drives we squandered —how many times we got into the red zone and all of a sudden self destructed —as though we were afraid to see ourselves score. It was weird to watch. A more confident, better coached offense should take us from 26 to 36 points a game. But the truth is we won’t know if this offense can produce under pressure til after the Stanford result is in].

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      2. MG-I don’t disagree with that assessment…guess my focus isn’t on that…my focus is on what do you do if and when you are down by 4 points to Bama in January, 4th and goal from the 1? Nothing in what they’ve done suggests a solution…hopefully I’m just an old-thinker and they prove me wrong…

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      3. James —When in doubt, just do what Pete Carroll did in the Super Bowl against the Patriots….

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      4. MG-
        The only reason that was a thing…and is historical/infamous…was that he had BeastMode and the Lendale/Reggie disappointment…
        The play was perfectly called and would have worked if a receiver doesn’t let a DB…a DB Bill B. had no problem jettisoning in short order, which goes to player development/coaching…outcompete for the ball…
        If, in some multiverse parallel, we were in a January game against Bama…and it was equally inconceivably (at present) a contest…and we needed but a single yard…

        As Russell Crowe’s Maximus puts it to Commodus in Gladiator, “I knew Marcus Aurelius, and this is not what he intended…”

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      5. I like where your head is at, James. Very few people realize that Seattle could have scored the winning touchdown on that play if only their receiver didn’t treat things like he was playing catch in the backyard with his kids…..


      6. MG-I made that point in a Mule Thrash about 4-6 weeks ago (when he was on one of his illogical and unsupported rants)…we’re talking fingernails and heartbeats from coach of threePete national champions in college, and back-to-back Super Bowl championships…that was a perfect call and if the receiver does his job, at minimum incomplete pass, Marshawn gets the ball on the next play…if he competes, touchdown, game heads towards the blowout it threatened to be all evening…just like that ****ing Rose Bowl against the ‘horns…Forget the threePete…they were, and all in conference games besides that Rose Bowl, a play away, and that is no exaggeration, from winning what? 6-7 national championships in a row? And now we’ve had a decade of the NCAA and our own incompetence of both cooking and balancing the books…so let’s hope this year initiates the next phase (or as we once joked, another post-Intermediate Period…Hyksos out!)…JM

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  3. The answer is yes, Gomer can perform basic duties. I hear that he never messed up the morning coffee and doughnut order under Kiffin or Sark !

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  4. “Clay Helton might be a buffoon (might be?…LOL!”) but that is no excuse from shirking media duties. He gets paid more than $3 million a year but cannot answer questions on Wednesdays during the season.”

    Remember when Helton asked Justin Wilcox the $3 million dollar question (back when Wilcox was a Trojan coach)…”Who was supposed to pick up Christian McCaffrey”?

    McCaffrey had just scampered through the Trojan defense for a 75 yard TD.

    Wilcox answer to Helton was, “I don’t know”.



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      1. Check the rules, Karma. You CAN have fewer than 11 if you choose, too!

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    1. People seem to forget that Clay Helton was Lane Kiffin, and Steve Sarkisian’s gofer , he walked around with a headset that wasn’t connected to anything. But these stupid USC rah rah’s want to pretend, that he’s the end all to be all 😂😂. Especially Helton’s cock sucker, Pudly 76


  5. So Swann and Helton decide a good scrimmage date will be August 17! Rams play that day so it will be all things Rams. Great photo op. Morons!!!!!!!!


  6. Scott, Scott, Scott I thought you learned your lessons with Lane the explain Kiffin. Absolutely no discussion of injuries. Be careful he might shake off the buffoon remark, but you don’t want to be banned again do you🤮?
    Do you think Lynn Swann will intervene the way St. Pat did?


      1. Mule, didn’t you learn your lesson on this with the clinical dissection of Sanchez v. McNoOne, et al, merits thereof? Your earlier Mulehearty post about “duh…duh…can’t be QBU if no SB starts…duh…” was just the latest in a long line of your idiotic Mule drools…

        “Your” SB starts were with borrowed ladder Aikman (0-2 vs USC…ergo, zero meaningful wins at collegiate level)…so…Gattaca…take it from Attica…when it comes to a seat at the table for discussing QBs at the collegiate level…you don’t get one…

        I mean…and this is oh so ironically, uproariously hilarious…you want to talk about Rick Neuheisel (since you love to dwell on the nefarious)…but he did win a Rose Bowl in a Bruins uniform!

        It’s been such a long time…


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