The Coliseum Transformation Is Near Complete

If you are lucky enough to sit in the new Coliseum Tower, I’m sure it will be quite a different experience this season.

But the pictures below from the general seating doesn’t look like it got much of the $300 million USC spent to renovate. The seats look spartan, frankly. But Trojans are close to Spartans so maybe it is appropriate.

Maybe the Tower got the lion’s share of the money.

Meanwhile, the Galen Center is holding Street League Skateboarding today.


22 thoughts on “The Coliseum Transformation Is Near Complete

    1. The Spartan seats in the “new” Coli will not matter to me. As I said before, I’m boycotting games this season based on the continued dumpster fire on campus and the arrogance to refuse to address it. I am not giving a nickel to Swanny, Lopes, and that crowd. I am going to the Oregon vs Colorado game in early October courtesy of the Oregon Athletic dept. An athletic department that realizes that their customers are the student athletes.

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    1. Remember, Pat Haden picked this drunkard over Ed Orgeron. And then St. Pat was rewarded for his incompetence by being put in charge of the $317 million Coliseum boondoggle. And all the while his lesbian assistant Dumb Donna Heinel was raking in the dough on bribes to get students admitted as fake athletes.

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      1. My Dear Friend, Owns
        Will you take Andy down if he beats UCLA next year…?


    1. Underrated arm, excellent pocket presence, exceptional escapability, and will not fold in big moments (see winning drive against IMG). Only concern: that Monarch O-line is gonna spoil him like it did JT.

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