A Letter To Carol Folt

Fred Khasigian was an offensive lineman at USC from 1967-69. He has written a letter to new USC president Carol Folt.

Dear President Folt, 

I would like to convey my dismay with the elimination of Salute to Troy and the minimization and essential  elimination of the 25 year and 50 year Football reunions.
USC has long mined the legacy of football supremacy and tradition to provide contributions from successful alumni and related corporate sponsors.  The legacy of the current 50 year team that encompasses the 3 years of 1967 to 1969 has been one of the most successful and useful for USC in this regard.
The 17 freshman and subsequent additional players that started at USC in 1966 compiled an overall record of 32-2-2.  This very united group played in three consecutive Rose Bowls, 2 National Championship games, produced a National Championship team in 1967, and was ranked #1, #2, and #4 in consecutive seasons.  Academically, this group produced two NCAA scholar athletes, 3 physicians including 2 Orthopedic Surgeons, 2 dentists, multiple attorneys and businessmen, and a Phi Beta Kappa.
This team also produced some of the most iconic groups and everlasting plays in USC history.  This team includes the “Wild Bunch”, the “Cardiac Kids”, O.J.Simpson, the famous run against UCLA in 1967, and the kick with no time left to beat Stanford in 1969.
Despite the everlasting glory we brought to USC, this group is now denied to last opportunity to reunite with the teammates with whom we bonded so closely  to produce the USC legacy.  As Coach Goux often said, this team bled “Cardinal and Gold”.  Although it is too late for this year, I hope you reconsider the actions of Helton and Swann that have diminished USC ‘s legacy of quality and now threaten to remove all of the unique traditions that make it “Great to be a Trojan”.  I hope you will review the situation and re-establish these unique Trojan traditions.

Harry A. Khasigian, MDUSC 1970, USC Medicine 1974, 3 year Football Letterman, 2 year Rugby Letterman

30 thoughts on “A Letter To Carol Folt

  1. Dr. Fred Khasigian, thank you for taking the time to write. It is a true shame to not celebrate this great group of men who have done so much to enhance the university’s reputation, on the field and post-graduation

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  2. Folt please think about the repercussions!! Helton and Swan know better and should in turn be removed!! USC football is better then this as is this University!!
    Steve Ranson

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    1. Yeah umm, this is Scott Wolf’s blog, not Carol Folt’s email.

      You might want to pass on your sentiments directly to Folt’s email account.

      You’re welcome.


      1. Pudly –

        You have no business editing grammar on this site. Now be a good sycophant and go wash Clay Helton’s balls.


    1. More tough guy videos from a coaching staff that teaches 7on7 football. 😂. Weak Coaches, and Teams do shit like this to convince themselves, and their Rah Rah fans that they’re tough guys 😂😂. But once that whistle blows, they get pushed around by lesser opponents, week after week 😂😂

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  3. Why is it too late? Those lazy stupid visionless incompetent educrats at Heritage Hall could put down the powdered donuts and forsake their naps and get this done. It’s simple event programming, not brain surgery.

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    1. Udeze is fine for fall practice….but this could be a big blow for LSU if Johnson is actually out for the beginning of the season.

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      1. Actually it’s Colbert he’s poking fun at. Not that it matters… here’s a link to a nice background piece on Harrell..

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      2. I’m VERY optimistic about the offense. A lot of knowledgeable people (more knowledgeable even than t-bow) think USC is gonna be a whole different team in scoring offense. THE game of the Pac 12 South season is gonna be our high powered offense vs. Utah’s smothering defense (and my worry is that our o-line is gonna be exposed in that game unless Drevno is better than I think he is)…….

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  6. I’m in a wait and see mode right now. I am waiting to see what happens at the end of the bowl game, if they do go to one at all. If they win the national championship, Heisman, and Rose Bowl( why not), I would still be pessimistic. I would ask, can they do it again next season with Helton. Helton needs to go to the Rose Bowl at least this year

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    1. PT there are many who agree with your reasonable position on this…there SHOULD be no reason not to expect such this season and falling short shouldn’t be considered successful in any way shape or form.

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