An Analyst Thinks USC Is Reaching

Rivals recruiting analyst Mike Farrell said the following today about USC: “Is it me or is USC really reaching on some kids this cycle? When is the last time you’ve seen this many three-stars in its class? I think a lot changes if and when Clay Helton gets fired and whoever is left to clean up the mess will have some work to do. This isn’t disparaging three-stars at all by the way, but USC has always been a four- and five-star recruiting program and I can’t see why that has changed.”

Does Farrell realize USC has not signed a universally recognized four-star recruit in more than a year? Or that 80 percent of USC’s 2020 class is ranked three-stars or below according to 247sports.

23 thoughts on “An Analyst Thinks USC Is Reaching

  1. It can turn around quickly. 24/7 rankings:

    2001 recruiting ranking = 20 (Carroll’s first year)
    2002 recruiting ranking = 8
    2003 recruiting ranking = 2


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  2. Top programs fight over 4&5 star athletes, so can you imagine how easy it is for opposing coaches to bad mouth Clay Helton to potential recruits? And Don’t say it doesn’t happen, because it does. Helton has literally taken the USC program backwards, and ran it into the ground. He was handed a team with enough talent, to go to back to back major bowl games, and now the program resembles a Mountain West School by their play, and the recruits they go after.


  3. Re: Does Farrell realize USC has not signed a universally recognized four-star recruit in more than a year? But who knows if they are eligible this year? –Scott Wolfe

    Ahem! Pardon me but Bru McCoy is 5* and Chris Steel 4* and were signed in the last year weren’t they? And before them SC signed Kyle Ford, Drake Jackson, Max Williams, Maninoa Tufono, Jude Wolfe, Drake Jackson and Jason Rodrigues — all 4*.

    Drew Richmond is a recent 4* transfer.

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      1. Pudly76 –

        You deserve a job on Helton’s staff so you can follow him around and say…”you’re right, Clay” all day long.


      2. You don’t know me. You certainly don’t know what I think about Helton.
        What does any of that have to do with the concept of truth or fact?

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      3. Getting to Santa’s Village in the winter fog is dangerous, Arturo. And, at some points, the drop from the road to the bottom of the mountain is over 150 feet…..

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  4. How many different ways can you show Helton is an idiot before people wake up and say, “wow, Helton is an idiot and he screwed over USC!!!”

    Ex-USC Season Ticket Holding Family


  5. The transfers of bru and Steele fit Scott’s narrative so perfectly. Add them to last years recruiting class and we are top 10. Also it blows the whole no 4 star in the last year. Both are 5 star, but they are transfers so it doesn’t count.

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      1. Bottom Line Guys: Exact # of 5 stars? Exact # of 4 stars? It doesn’t matter. We’ve got what we need—& we’re gonna do just fine this year…

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      2. It will be so cool if we kick ass…

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