Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Says USC Recruiting Has Not Changed

Clay Helton was asked if it is tougher for him to recruit after going 5-7 and you would never know USC’s recruiting class is ranked in the 50’s by Rivals and 247.

“It’s USC. The product of USC is special. The one thing, the beauty about this place is it’s never hard to recruit. The quality of education, the opportunity to get developed by this coaching staff, to live in the great city of Los Angeles.

“Those things are never changing. It opens all doors not only on the West Coast but across the country. That’s what I’ve loved about USC since I’ve been here.”

Best line? “The opportunity to get developed by this coaching staff.”

43 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Says USC Recruiting Has Not Changed

  1. Here’s what Scott would have preferred:
    “USC is a beautiful place with a rich history in a great city —the only minus is the coaching staff.”

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    1. MG, a minor addendum to what Scott have preferred that Helton would have said:

      “USC is a beautiful place with a rich history in a great city —the only minuses are the coaching staff and me and Swann and Nikias and the Med School fiascoes and the shit show with Lorie Laughlin and Heinel, but otherwise all is good.”

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      1. Bozo1967 wrote:

        “USC is a beautiful place with a rich history in a great city —the only minuses are the coaching staff and me and Swann and Nikias and the Med School fiascoes and the shit show with Lorie Laughlin and Heinel, but otherwise all is good.”

        MG wrote: “I think the USC Athletic Department has found a new press liaison…..”

        As usual MG has it ass backwards.

        Why would the Helton and Swann Humping Sunshine Pumping USC Athletic Dept. want a press liaison that would write something like this, ” —the only minuses are the coaching staff and me and Swann and Nikias and the Med School fiascoes and the shit show with Lorie Laughlin and Heinel, but otherwise all is good”…that’s too close to the truth.

        Those idiots working in USC’s Athletic Dept. would never criticize Helton and Swann because they know their job security is dependent on the two aforementioned idiots keeping their jobs.

        It’s why the USC Athletic Dept. sends stooges like you, Pudly and the rest of the Sunshine Pumpers out to USC football social media sites to try and proclaim that all is well with Trojan football, when it isn’t.

        Nikias, Haden, Swann, Lopes and Helton are doing their best to fan the flames on the dumpster fire they created out of Trojan football and clowns like you are stupid enough to think you can convince real Trojan fans that this shit show we’re all witnessing is just a bump in the road.

        You clowns need new material, so don’t go trying to sell that B.S. about how Helton needs or deserves “one more year”…because that excuse was played out years ago.

        USC could finish the upcoming season undefeated and that idiot Helton would still deserve to be tossed out on his ass.


    2. At least someone could have taught him that “sometimes it’s best to say nothing”…seems to be a problem that has filtered down to some of the roster at times as well…wouldn’t exactly call that leadership, but guess it shows he has had some impact…

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      1. gt —L. A. voters must like it that way —they have the power to reverse things but they don’t seem to want to (same for the voters in the other formerly great cities I’ve either worked or lived in —San Francisco and Oakland)…..

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      2. Notwithstanding efforts to redirect the public’s attention over the issue “going viral” over the past two weeks (that expression needs to be terminated with prejudice, just like other lowest common denominator faux press slang employed as weaponry in the virtue posturing wars), as a lyricist (who resides in LA) once put it: “You can twist perception, but reality won’t budge…” Escape From New York was once mostly entertainment…in retrospect, how much it was intended to be preview/eye opener? That seems to be the best short hand for it…

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      3. GT22 – an infectious disease specialist was written up in an SF newspaper and was quoted as saying “Public health conditions are worse here than in Kenya.”

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      4. 67 –The voters of San Francisco have worked very hard to create these conditions —and they’ve succeeded beyond their wildest expectations….

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      5. What better place for the homeless, rats, garbage, disease, filth etc. to be…right in and around the center of downtown where most of the politicians and city/county officials work during the day.

        That’s a good place for ’em.


      6. BK wrote: “Name a liberal run city that isn’t s shithole”

        Well, most of the cities from Santa Barbara to Monterey along the Central Coast wouldn’t be characterized as shitholes.

        Can’t really say the same for the Orange County coastline, that republican run shithole area with all the tar on it’s beaches, the stench of petroleum excrement in the air and vomit splattered sidewalks from all the drunken lowlife’s that inhabit that shithole place give California beaches and it’s coastline a bad name.


      1. I was playing semi pro baseball in PacNW in 1967. He came thru on some black barnstorming team. He had to have been in his 60’s. He would pitch a few innings because he was the attendance draw in small towns. He threw me a fastball right down the gut and I hit a line drive to center for a single. I didn’t realize the significance until I told my Dad and he clued me in that this guy had been a legend.

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      2. Wow!! Great stuff…bet you wished you had that picture or video now! When I think back, I often wished we had these phones when we were younger like the kids today.


      1. Not to mentioned Frank Thomas of baseball…

        Thomas Frank is one of the best social, economic, political writers of the present…author of among other things “What’s Wrong With Kansas”…but his best is “Listen Up Liberal”…you can find a lot of material about him online…in brief, he’s a very smart, objective/open-minded individual whose writing is, a fringe benefit, very biting…

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      2. Thanks for the heads up, James. I’ll check him out.
        Yeah —Frank Thomas the hitter —-hitting 500 foot home runs….


  2. This picture will never be dated … only (we can hope) that there was once a regime empowered to attend over a rotting carcass will (guess those condemned to witness the demise of the western Roman Empire in the 5th century must have felt much the same…at least our Coliseum still has lesser fare for bemusement) … the term “tone deaf” doesn’t even scratch the surface …

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    1. Scott’s selection of this particular photo (however much it’s been punched
      up in photoshop) has really caught on —you see it on dozens of sites now.
      [I wish Detective Riveria of LAPD had the same talk with Helton that he had with me in my first trial: “When stuff goes wrong—and there will be times when stuff goes wrong —don’t show fear to the jury —practice just squinting your eyes and looking tough —even if you feel the ship is going down”].

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      1. MG-

        My primary instructor in Army ROTC (he had been a Ranger 1st Sergeant – a bad hombre) gave me much the same advice as I was preparing to graduate and head to the Infantry Center…one, when put in charge, be in charge…two, you can delegate authority, but you can’t delegate responsibility…three, when things get tough, those under you will look to you – when they do, they better not see fear or the appearance of uncertainty (even if it is present)…

        Whether I succeeded or not…well…

        But the above post/point, in all sincerity…all of us who aren’t complete derelicts learn along the way to know not to say things that patently defy commonly known facts…because it makes one look, or reinforces when repeated, like a buffoon…

        For (some, any, something!) God sake Helton, shut up…if you want to talk, go win some games, to include some that matter (and not a couple where a once in a generation player carried your dead weight)…this includes knowing that accomplished alumni are not “noise,” however much your current leash holders may seem to be bent on acting ignorantly of)…

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      2. Great fricking, post! When you’ve had to fire half your staff due to blatant incompetence ….and, then, had to promote from within cuz nobody from the outside wanted to work with you (with the very notable exceptions of our new offensive coordinator and d-line coach), it’s best not to say silly things like “people come hear to be coached by me and my staff”…..

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  3. Sure it’s easy for Bozo Helton to recruit at USC, because he targets Mountain West conference players. No way he’s going to go up against the players Tom Herman recruits at Texas, because he knows better. The Trojans will NEVER be a national west coast power under Clueless Clay, because his standards are too low .

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      1. Pudly 76 your a Bozo Helton Ass Suck , so of course you’d come up with something. Do you let Clueless Clay bust his NUTT in your ass, too ? I’m pretty sure you do 😂 💋💋💋💋


      2. Stupid is as stupid does pornboy…

        How is it being owns stupidest brother?

        Always funny how you go to homophobic rant when the truth thwarts your point..

        Your posts are a lot like boobies w/o nipples…pointless.

        pornboy + trollboy + krappa = 1/2 wit



  4. “It’s USC. The product of USC is special. The one thing, the beauty about this place is it’s never hard to recruit. ”

    Well Gomer Bozo, you’ve made it a place that’s now hard to recruit to unless you’re a 3 star or below

    Not ranked in the top 25
    Not picked to win the pathetically poor PAC 12 south
    No chance at the playoffs
    Two players on the 1st team preseason PAC 12 team

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  5. I think Helton figured out that instead of saying nothing he’s just going to start telling blatant lies to our faces.


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  6. Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Says USC Recruiting Has Not Changed

    Neither has Clay Helton’s Second Rate Coaching…It’s Still Crap!


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