USC Practice No. 2 Is Over

Cornerback Dorian Hewett was cleared to practice and promptly steamrollered by wide receiver Michael Pittman.

Cornerback Olaijah Griffin intercepted his third pass in two days. Today’s was off a JT Daniels pass for a pick six. Clay Helton said Griffin had surgery on both shoulders in the offseason.

The quarterbacks were inconsistent, which is hardly unusual at this time of the year.

Wide receiver John Jackson (hamstring) did not practice. Freshman wide receiver Drake London, who probably takes a backseat to no one athletically, has had two good days.

Linebacker Solomon Tuliaupupu still has a sore foot from spring and is not practicing.

22 thoughts on “USC Practice No. 2 Is Over

  1. Why so many injuries?
    What were the trainers doing over the Summer?
    QB’s off?
    Weren’t they supposed to be throwing all day and night since Spring?
    Seems like there’s not a sense of urgency..
    As usual!!

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    1. Why the injuries you ask? You just answered your own question- they’ve been throwing all spring and summer; in football no one is ever really healthy.

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  2. The high volume of injuries will cut down on the amount of tape Errand Boy has to review.

    Those snowflakes can bulk up as they’re nursing their injuries on the sidelines with an extra helping of Helton’s soft serve ice cream.



  3. “Linebacker Solomon Tuliaupupu still has a sore foot from spring and is not practicing.”

    That kids middle name is “hurt”. Maybe football isn’t for him.

    He keeps up with this hurt business and his nickname is going to be Solomon “Tulip” Tuliaupupu. Seems to be a bit delicate…like a tulip.

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  4. “Cornerback Olaijah Griffin intercepted his third pass in two days. Today’s was off a JT Daniels pass for a pick six.”

    Porn-stache is in mid-season form. 10 to 1 he underthrew it.



    1. Man you have a strange ‘stream of consciousness’…buck up on ‘Ulysses’

      Oh BTW… not the “You thought the leaden winter would bring you down forever but you rode upon a streamer to the violence of the sun!”

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      1. Clapton should have bucked up on some different riff’s…he overplayed and used the same one on all those crap Cream songs.


      2. The lord dipso, Commie Lush, condescends to dump doggerel w/o a courtesy clean up, blue bag.



    2. Mr. Tebow, do you get off on criticizing 18-22 year olds? How classy is that? Men banter on this blog all the time, but you have no respect for anyone.


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      1. Hey, if you don’t like what I write…don’t read it.

        I’m not familiar with you or your take on topics in this blog and really couldn’t care less.


  5. Upland’s Justin Flowe is the latest top-level recruit to snub USC

    Justin Flowe is different. He plays differently. He hits differently.

    When the Upland linebacker came up and popped a Mission Viejo ballcarrier for a tackle near the line of scrimmage last season, a veteran referee working the game was taken aback. Flowe walloped another Diablo a couple of plays later. The referee turned to a reporter and remarked that when Flowe hit an opponent it sounded different than any other hit he’d ever heard.

    Flowe is a generational talent at the linebacker position. He is so physical and so athletic that high school opponents can’t scheme around him. He’s the top linebacker prospect in the nation, per the 247Sports Composite rankings, and is the No.3 overall player in the 2020 class. He is wanted by nearly every top college football program in the country.

    But many schools were disappointed Friday morning. Flowe culled his list of prospective colleges down to four in a tweet: Georgia, Clemson, Oregon and Miami.

    The announcement was another blow to USC’s recruiting efforts in the 2020 class. The Trojans are on the outside looking in for a player many believe is the best Southern California linebacker prospect in the last decade.

    The Trojans have been recruiting Flowe for multiple years and many even considered Flowe to be a USC lean until this summer. Every prediction that has been cast since July has been for Flowe to attend Clemson. The defending national champions currently have the No.1 recruiting class. USC is No.58 behind East Carolina, South Florida and Louisiana Tech.


    1. Copying someone else’s work and pretending it’s yours? No one would suspect you didn’t write this piece, you’re way too smart for us.


      trollboy – plagiarist – dumbass



  6. I still think that if SC wins big, Flowe and Ricks and all those 4 and 5 stars will come running back to SC. They’ll just say “do I want to play a long way from my family in this heat and humidity or would I rather play in the beautiful weather of SoCal where my friends and relatives can come and see me at every home game? If you want the 4 and 5 stars you have to win big. 5-7 doesn’t cut it.

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