First USC Camp Story Line

What are people inside the football program talking about two days into camp?

That there is no QB competition. That Clay Helton has already decided he will start JT Daniels and nothing will change that in the next few weeks.

This does not surprise people who spend time around Helton. But you will hear comments in the media from Helton about how he hasn’t made a decision . . . people on the inside don’t believe it.

Here are two views of Day 2.

15 thoughts on “First USC Camp Story Line

  1. You should have heard Pudly talking about how great Max Browne was and how Browne was going to win the Heisman back in 2016.

    Helton had decided that Browne was going to be the starter vs Alabama and ‘ol Pudly ran with it. Pudly had Browne pegged as the next Carson Palmer.



  2. I think that Daniels is the best guy out there. With 11 starts under his belt, I wouldn’t start Sears unless he clearly beats out Daniels. If it’s a tie, I would go with the guy who has the experience.

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  3. Helton has to get this one right otherwise it could be similar to when he started Brownie over Slingin’ Sam. I sincerely hope that this team finds itself like that team did, but just sooner rather than later. That ‘16 team could play with anybody towards the end of the year as the talent is there to turn things around.

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  4. A decision on the starter should be made right away so that person can start to gel with the first team. JT is a hard worker and isnt entitled. Jack Sears is not going to separate himself from JT. Helton and Harrell
    can always make a switch if JT is not making it happen.


  5. Last year the team couldn’t get behind Daniels because his thinking was too “high school.” This year the team’s attitude is about winning with the best players. I look forward to seeing Harrell making a switch early if Helton’s QB bombs in the first quarter of the first game. If the team feels it is being used to prop up a dud quarterback, it won’t take long for the attitude to die off again.
    Quarterback is not about how tall, strong or accurate you are in practice. It’s about leadership and the quality of choices. Last year Daniels hit his targets but the ball just bounced off of them.

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    1. That was a hard situation to come into for a freshman. Especially with little time with the first team because the reps were split between 3 QB’s before you played Stanford and Texas. Fink and Sears have had plenty of time in the SC system but they have met their ceiling as Fink found out by the lack of interest in him. JT is maturing on a physical and mental level and he will thrive in the Air Raid system.

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  6. “That was a hard situation to come into for a freshman”

    What was a hard situation, the fact that J.T. Daniels was joining a football program that in 2015 had the #1 ranked recruiting class, in 2016 had the #10 ranked recruiting class and in 2017 had the #6 ranked recruiting class…in the nation?

    J.T. “5-7 (4-5 Conf.)” Daniels. What’s going to be your excuse this year when Daniels stinks it up again?

    The only reason Daniels is starting is because Helton promised J.T.’s father that he would. Daniels hit his ceiling back in the 8th grade when he was held back because he wasn’t good enough to compete with kids his own age.

    J.T. Daniels started every game last season except for one, all that game experience and he supposedly still hasn’t been able to win the starting QB job outright?


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