Is USC Cutting Radio Coverage?

USC is going to have a pre-game and post-game radio show that will add former USC quarterback Max Browne to the team that features ex-defensive tackle Shaun Cody.

It sounds like there will be a two-hour pre-game and two-hour post-game show on 790-AM, which is actually less than 710-AM did the past few years. KSPN did a 4-hour pre-game show.

When you consider USC looks like it is cutting costs everywhere and 790-AM is one of the worst-rated stations in L.A., less coverage is the final result.

What about John Jackson, who suffered a stroke last year?

Here is what Tom Hoffarth of the Los Angeles Times wrote: “Former USC All-American tackle Shaun Cody, part of the Trojans football pre- and post-game radio coverage the last few seasons, has been asked to fill in as the game analyst this fall for John Jackson Jr., who continues his recovery from a life-threatening stroke suffered late in 2018.

“Jackson, part of the Trojans’ radio broadcast since 2003, will have a limited role in game coverage, perhaps with pre-game or halftime commentary and be situated in the radio booth. USC officials have told him not to worry about losing his job and to “take a red-shirt year, get healthy” and watch his son, Trojan freshman receiver John Jackson III play, USC spokesman Tim Tessalone said.”

19 thoughts on “Is USC Cutting Radio Coverage?

  1. “USC officials have told John Jackson not to worry about losing his job and to “take a red-shirt year, get healthy” and watch his son, Trojan freshman receiver John Jackson III play”.

    Nice; finally a good decision coming out of the university.

    Get well, JJ.

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      1. I’d like nothing better than John Jackson to score in the opener for his Dad. And again the following week against Stanford! It’s time John Jackson heard some great news….he certainly deserves it for all he’s meant to the Trojan community. Hope he’s all the way back, soon!

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      2. Considering Pudly’s body of work, it’s reasonable to assume that he’s academically ineligible (this season) to participates on this site.


      1. I certainly hope so….problem is the NYJ are the truly the most ill-run franchises in all the NFL. Idzik, Tannenbaum was a horrid GM (Sanchez) MacCagnan (current) coaches Magini, Rex Ryan, Bowles, Gase (current).

        They are the equivalent of the old Brooklyn Dodgers or perhaps more fitting Mets – their management usually has no credible game plan per more than 1 season.

        ‘Perhaps’ both MacCagnan and Gase ‘can’ finally create a credible deep bench to produce wins – time will tell. Sole plus is owner Woody Johnson’s own patience.

        Sanchez should never have started in 2009….

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    1. May I say, from the depths of my selfishness, that I wish Sam had stayed one more year? It would have been good for everybody— Helton, back ups, the team….

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  2. What an absolutely classy individual who represents everything good about USC and SC football. Really enjoy the way he connects with local players and doesn’t let his connections to the university cloud his praise for any player as well. Get better, JJ.

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  3. I am always glad to drink from Commie Lush’s half-full glass of optimism and revel in his platitudinous historical, “No Shit” insights.


      1. Oh no, the pissed off Commie Lush breaks out his Peckerwood schtick ver. 15005. CL hates the truth about himself; He just can’t stand being a two-bit Alkey loser, jujitsu saves pervert.

        On the one hand, Commie Lush craves jujitsu redemption and actually swills one pint less of Night Train a night – thinking to punch his ticket to everlasting life when the rapture occurs – January 16, 2021, unless postponed again.

        Jellyfish have thicker skin than Commie Lush. To suppress his ugly, vile humor, CL expresses himself by relentlessly abusing a dead UCLA BB coach and his deceased wife with profane ridicule.

        Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Commie Lush, the bozo grad with Sark Fireball clusters.

        I’m sure “jonneikins” won’t bar your way to heaven CL during the rapture, but I bet Nellie is waiting for you holding a sharp pitchfork!

        “And in the End…”

        jonniekins: 10 BB NC’s and reunite with Nell.

        Commie Lush: Acute Cirrhosis & a worthless collection of thousands of empty booze bottles



  4. Best was Steve Lavin when he’d bluntly ignore ‘the gutless one’ as ‘the gutless one’ sat and ‘glowered’…..hey Wooden did you go to Sam’s funeral? No? How come? Did you send any condolence to Rith? No? How come? Ever ‘played the man’ once in your ‘blessed’ life? Not w.o. Morgan and the LA Times protecting your back end right?

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  5. I had a chance to meet John Jackson and he is a class act. Such a nice and genuine guy. I also really enjoy his commentary on Friday night high school football on Fox Sports. I wish him all the best in his recovery to good health.


    1. bout
      No ‘ruin shit worth anything to a Trojan. What the hell do you know
      about John Jackson meeting him once? Your moniker sounds like a
      rodent. I would not wish a ‘ruin athlete nothing but heartache!


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