Jack Del Rio Shows Up At USC Practice

Former USC linebacker and NFL coach Jack Del Rio attended practice today. Yes, he would jump at the chance to coach USC.

I asked him at the USC Hall of Fame ceremonies in 2015, when he coached the Raiders, how much he wanted the job when it opened up in 2013?

“I still want this job,” Del Rio said. “Just kidding, I love my job (with the Raiders).”

Freshman wide receiver Drake London had another good day.

As expected, cornerback Chris Steele was granted a waiver by the NCAA to play this season. No word on Bru McCoy.

Meanwhile, on the injury front:

Linebacker Jordan Iosefa dislocated his patella and will be out 4-6 weeks.

Defensive tackle Marlon Tuipulotu and offensive tackle Austin Jackson did not practice. Tailback Vavae Malepeai remained out.

Tailback Stephen Carr missed practice because of summer school.

15 thoughts on “Jack Del Rio Shows Up At USC Practice

  1. “Jack Del Rio Shows Up At USC Practice”

    Just what the Trojan football players need…another clown at their practice.


  2. When Bill Musrave was Jack Del Rio’s offensive coordinator in Oakland, Musgrave had the Raiders offense rolling, one of if not the best in the league. The Raiders went 12-4.

    Del Rio insisted on keeping Raiders QB Carr in vs Indianapolis in their last regular season game and Carr ended up breaking his leg and the Raiders were promptly bounced in the 1st round of the playoffs.

    So what does Jack Del Rio do? He fires his offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave.

    The following year Jack Del Rio guides the Raiders to a 6-10 record and gets fired.

    Del Rio was accused of playing favorites with players (just like Clay Helton does) and that didn’t go over well in the locker room.

    Jak Del Rio isn’t the answer and his head coaching record proves it. He tanked in Jacksonville as well.

    There’s a reason why Jack Del Rio isn’t coaching anywhere right now, he hasn’t had any offers.

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  3. Jack is more than qualified to be a head coach at SC.
    Jack knows football,knows other real football coaches,could return SC to a power football team and a top 5 team.
    Current staff never will.


  4. Sports Illustrated has a recent article on child-prodigy quarterbacks, such as Trevor Lawrence. The only mention of anyone who is at USC or may come to USC, is Bryce Young. No other QB mentioned. Interesting in its omission.


  5. Pete Carroll wasn’t a successful NFL coach the first time around before demonstrating at USC what he could do. I’m not saying that Del Río would have similar success as Carroll, but Del Río would be a significant upgrade to the football program when compared to Kiff, Sark, and Gomer.


  6. New nickname for Graham Harrell…”Abba-Zabba”.

    Have you heard this guy try and speak?

    “Uh, abba zabba zabba za…”

    USC, come on now…what the hell are you doing? Enough of this bullshit, go out and hire some real Gawd Damn football coaches, this is beyond ridiculous now.

    Pay some damn respect to the Trojan football program, as a university you owe it that much!

    Nikias has done just about everything he can to tarnish and eradicate the Spirit of Troy and for no good reason.

    Stop taking marching orders from that wannabe egghead Max Nikias, that corrupt fool is a nothing. He has brought nothing but shame, scandal and legal hardship on USC that it doesn’t deserve. All his life C.L. Max Nikias has harbored a hatred for sport, why…because the genetic makeup of the Nikias bloodline runs contradictory to survival of the fittest?

    That liitle weasel Max Nikias should be thankful that he’s lasted this long, should go crawl in a hole somewhere and not press his luck by tempting evolutionary fate.

    USC needs to rid itself of Nikias and the other idiot Lynn Swann who is running the Trojan Athletic Dept. into the ground.

    Swann is 67 years old and speaks with a lisp, talk about lazy…Gawd Damn!

    And this clown Clay Helton, Good Gawd Almighty USC, you couldn’t have picked a more stupid idiot to prove you had no interest in helping the football program to restore the dignity it lost under the direction of that crook Pat Haden.

    This guy Clay Helton is something else. At first I thought he was an asshole for playing USC for a paycheck, but no…he really is clueless. It seems he really does think he knows something about football and the more he tries to prove it, the dumber he comes across.

    I figured out why the Trojan players like Helton, his niceness is genuine and that brings a comfort to the players, but comfort isn’t what Trojan football needs, it needs toughness that’s taught by men that know football and Clay Helton doesn’t and never will possess either of those things.

    So enough with the charade now, it’s time to clean house. Start with C.L. Max Nikias, he is the one that brought this infestation of corruption, ignorance and incompetence to USC…he deserves to be the first rat to go.


    1. Aw. Somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed again….get a life trollboy. You’re fooling only yourself if you really think anybody believes you’re not a troll.

      trollboy doing his trollboy thing…way too much invested.


      PS. you really shouldn’t cheat and copy other people’s works…seems to be a regular thing with you. cheater and a troll, now that’s good stuff.


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