USC List Of The Day

Here are some reasons some in the media have proclaimed JT Daniels way ahead in the QB derby after one week:

  1. They don’t want to upset his father
  2. They don’t want to upset JT
  3. They know Clay Helton will pick JT
  4. They don’t know most players want someone else
  5. They want to go with the USC-pushed story line
  6. They don’t think Graham Harrell will make waves

24 thoughts on “USC List Of The Day

  1. All supposition created by Wolf’s imagination. You develop two potential starters. JT will start against Fresno State and see how he does. In this offense all 3 QB’s can run the offense. Nobody has separated themselves from JT and he has a year of starting on an abortion offense. Fink and Sears have been in the system longer and still cant separate themselves.

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    1. This is among Scottie’s worst posts in terms of having any credibility.

      We are supposed to believe that journalists – many of whom are on the verge of being fired – value JT Daniels’ dad’s sensibilities above their jobs?



      1. Journalism jobs are declining rapidly.

        See how many writers on whatever paper you read you can recall from being there 3 years ago.


    2. Sears went 20- 22 for 150+yards and had a few scrambles for more yardage and this isn’t separating himself? BTW I agree and like the rest of your post.


      1. JT threw 4-5 touchdowns. Sears torched incoming freshman. Lots of these completions are shorties. Also factor in the entire Spring, summer and fall camp thus far


  2. Helton has no backbone. Sears should start and if Daniels wants to transfer, good riddance. While he’s at it, he can take Pudly with him (obviously only after Pudly completes his estrogen therapy treatments).

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  3. Wolf – I think you need some time off. Your JT thesis is such a reach. I realize it is tough coming up with relevant topics, but c’mon man. Dig deep and get it together. You are now more of an embarrassment than ever, if that is conceivable.

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  4. why this list makes perfect sense

    1. Scott is lazy.
    2. The trolls don’t care about facts.
    3. Scott doesn’t have any idea about current players or coaches, he can’t go to practice. He’s been banished, his mom won’t drive him any longer, it’s a really long scooter ride.
    4. When you make up most of your “inside” sources and info, might as well run with this.
    5. He’s afraid of Jack Sears dad.

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      1. “as usual, ’67 sides with the hayseed philistine”

        owns, you really need to take off the tin foil hat. Once you start spouting about the hayseed philistines, the guys with the white coats are likely to show up looking for you. They are much less forgiving than those of us here on “Inside USC”.


  5. J.T. Daniels throwing 7 INT’s (2 for pick 6’s) in 3 days of the Trojans first week of practice against a depleted secondary proves he’s the best QB.

    No amount of pizza party’s that Mr. Daniels throws is going to change the minds of the Trojan players who already feel Porn-stache has worn out his welcome.

    J.T.’s standing with the team is based on his and a few others sense of entitlement.

    The Trojans that have been in the trenches with Daniels know he doesn’t have it. Not only doesn’t J T. possess leadership, he doesn’t have the tools to be anything other than a sub .500 QB in a soft PAC 12 Conference.

    That’s just the way it is and if Helton wants to insist on starting Daniels, so be it.

    All that means is that Helton will be fired sooner rather than later when J.T. once again fails to live up to the hype.


    1. JT threw 7 picks but Sears fumbled a record 8 times in three practices. Fink has 9 consecutive 3 and outs and Slovis decided to quick kick on 10 straight red zone possessions.

      We’re in trouble.

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  6. 7 has it. Our team does not have a QB capable of being the reason we won a game. In fact they all seem to be the type that might contribute to a loss. That second statement is yet to be confirmed.
    All the team improvements being discussed will end up being wasted if our QB is unable to lead.


  7. I think J.T. will start. I’m not sure he will keep the job. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him do a Max Brown. He’s a good QB but those first 6 games are murder. If the offense isn ‘t moving, he will be replaced.


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