USC Practices In Shorts (Again)

Another shorts and shirts practice is over. After a day off. That means 2 of the first 9 practices were full pads.

Is this the culture change Clay Helton referred to at Pac-12 media day?

Safety Talanoa Hufanga intercepted two passes. Both were thrown by Matt Fink.

Jack Sears threw a 99-yard TD pass to Devon Williams. Adonis Otey, who gave up 2 long TD passes during Saturday’s scrimmage, was defending on this play too.

JT Daniels threw a 20-yard TD pass to Tyler Vaughns over Isaac Taylor-Stuart.

Linebadcker Eli’jah Winston wore a protective boot on his right foot. Wide receiver Munir McClain is out because of a possible concussion.

30 thoughts on “USC Practices In Shorts (Again)

    1. Money Magazine is now the arbiter of best colleges?

      Can you explain why they rank Long Beach State ahead of Harvard?

      And Yale?
      And Cal Tech?
      And MIT?
      And Georgia Tech?
      And Rice?

      There is not one kid from a low or moderate income family who pays tuition at any of those colleges ranked behind Long Beach.

      So why is Long Beach State better?

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      1. Obama, are you that dim?

        Money Magazine’s grossly deficient “methodology” about ranking colleges leads them to conclude that Long Beach State is better than Harvard, and Yale, and MIT and Cal Tech.

        Nothing against CSULB, but this is nonsense.

        tebow, find the huge error that they make. Can you? Give it a shot. Go ahead. You cite Money Magazine as an informed source for ranking colleges. Back it up.

        Any other takers here who would send their kid to Long Beach State over Harvard or Yale or MIT or Cal Tech? And remember, low and moderate income kids pay little if any tuition.

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      2. Didn’t you read the article ’67? D’oh!

        Just ’cause you’ll in weight in with both feet w/o a crumb of knowledge or expertise don’t mean everybody else is as ignorant as you are.



  1. Only time will tell if keeping the players fresh now and planning for a brutal first half of the schedule will work. Let’s see, Stanford, very physical games year in and year out; U-dub, the same; Utah, very physical; BYU, will be as well; ND, will be very physical. Maybe Helton saw something in his players that signaled to him that they were too worn out after some of those games last year and that the depth just wasn’t there. Who knows? Maybe the team should be way more physical now in the summer and this will carryover into the season. Developing depth, depth which was not there especially on D where Pendergast often only plays 15 to 18 players, keeping the team well conditioned and fresh, might be the way to go. Or maybe not. We’ ll see.

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      1. Cloud —Air Raid offenses don’t have to be as physical as they are fast. So we might be okay on that front. As for our defense —well, I think the object this year is going to be outscoring everybody…

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  2. From

    “*** Hard to imagine that a guy can go 20 of 22 passing for 159 yards with several nice scrambles, a nice deep ball and not be No. 1 on the QB list for Saturday but that’s how it works with this offense. Jack Sears did all that.”

    Yet another USC football social media site stating that Jack Sears is the best QB the Trojans have on their roster.

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    1. Still waiting to hear from you why Long Beach State is better than Harvard, MIT, Cal Tech, Yale. That was your post, little fella. Tick tock, tick tock. And nobody here backing you up.

      Time to break out another one of your aliases? Interesting how you and owns vote each other up.

      Wear the dunce cap in good health. But take it off when you enroll in that Long Beach State remediation class.

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      1. tebow, here’s your post:


        “Under Max Nikias guidance can you see where he has USC ranked on this list of best colleges in America?


        You posted money magazine’s college rankings to trash SC. The money magazine rankings conclude Long Beach State is better than Harvard, MIT, Yale, Cal Tech, etc. etc. Their rankings are ridiculous. Everybody here knows it.

        (1) It is your post. (2) The content of your post is ridiculous.

        Nothing left for you to do but walk away and pretend it didn’t happen.


      2. Not so ’67 and surely not anywhere near the 1000’s of times you’ve butt sucked Dear Pisley, Commie Lush, Kal’86 and every other blind rah-rah chump/loser.



      3. “But where does Max Nikias have USC ranked on that list is the question…”

        You have absolutely no idea how to form a logical chain of thought, do you? Literally none.

        And you have revealed that to every reader of this blog.

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  3. Either Clay Helton will look like a genius, or like the Dumb Ass that we know he is, especially when he removes his hat 🧢.


  4. I have to laugh at some of these defending hellton and his constantly practicing in shorts for his style football…5-7 last yr is looking better and better compared to what is going to happen this year.

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    1. Those idiots defending Helton aren’t true Trojan football fans.

      Clay Helton hired and kept that idiot Neil Callaway on staff for years knowing that Callaway doesn’t know anything about football.

      Having an idiot like that on staff is indefensible and completely idiotic.


      1. It amazes me how anyone can say that Clay Helton had the best interest of the student/athletes and Trojan football at heart when he allowed a coach like Neil Callaway, for so many years, to waste the time, effort and talent of those players who dedicated themselves for what they thought was the betterment of the Trojan football program, the university and potential career they were striving for and to make successful.

        How does a person in Clay Helton’s position, who is expected and supposedly interested in wanting to genuinely put forth and pull together every effort and means necessary to be able to give those he has the privilege of teaching/coaching the best possible chance at being the best they can be…keep a guy like Neil Callaway around as long as he did?

        And then to put up a fight to keep him on staff? What that says of Helton is that he is not about doing what’s best for the players or Trojan football…it should tell everyone familiar wirh college football that he doesn’t deserve to be in charge of USC’s storied and heralded Blue Blood football program.

        You don’t keep a coach on staff who you know isn’t doing your team and players any good.

        USC deserves a helluva lot better than Clay Helton and he derserves no more time to prove his case otherwise…9 years of witnessing his incompetence has been long enough.

        It’s ridiculous for anyone to insinuate that Clay Helton knows what he’s doing or that the changes he was “forced” to make…will somehow turn things around when he hasn’t shown he is capable of doing so.

        Of all the years Clay Helton has been coaching at USC, as a coordinator and now head coach, he has provided no evidence that his coaching has been a factor in any Trojan football wins during that time…none!

        USC Trojan football has been winning on sheer talent alone now for quite some time and it shouldn’t have to.

        Clay Helton is 1-5 in his last 6 games and he has had a roster loaded with 4 and 5 star talent, USC affording him some of the best recruiting classes in the nation going on more than 10 years now and Helton goes 1-5 in his last 6 games and 5-7 overall…let that sink in and ask yourself whether USC can and should do better.


  5. A couple of ideas on this, maybe Helton wants the team to know the offense and defense very well, and then next week and the remaining practices go full pads, or Helton wants to get fired real fast by not practicing in full pads. You have to have the physical contact now. The body has to get through a period where you are just worn out from being physical. Once you get past this stage, then the body will rebound and they will be used to the physical nature of the game and be able to take a pounding. If they don’t do this and try the physical process during the season, the body will fail because it is not used to the physical demands of playing in pads for 60 minutes. You become fatigue.


    1. I have been stating this for years now. Football ,like boxing, is a very physical sport. Muscles,ligaments,tendons,etc… must be conditioned to take blows,and conditioned to deliver blows as in blocking and tackling, or injuries occur. Heavy weight boxers don’t prance around while training in the ring with lightweights,slap fighting.
      Big time football teams don’t prance around in shorts in practice, they were full gear and block and tackle,and running backs hit defenders full speed, etc… SC fans are sick and tired of all the BS spewed by helltongue…
      ‘fresh legs’ are just weak ones, ‘no pads’ is no tackle/no block/no running game…
      hopefully the ‘ wait until Nov ‘ BS now will mean …you’re gonna’ have a new coach by then.


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