Write Your Own Coliseum Review

If you are going to the USC game tonight, you can write some comments on how you found the new seats, aisles, handrails, concessions, tower, etc.

And you can even check out the obstructed view seats if you like.

34 thoughts on “Write Your Own Coliseum Review

  1. May I say, on Scott’s behalf, that those fans who decide to test seats, aisles, handrails and elevators leading to the magical towers have been previously warned of possible defects and assume all risks connected thereto…..

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    1. Hey saw John Jackson at the game. He looks good! Hope he recovers from the stroke! He is my favorite trOJan of all time after Petros Papadakis!!

      Seriously, best wishes!


  2. I’m no fan of aHaden ‘but’ I don’t recall any complaints on internet sites from those who attended either the LAR vs Dallas (pre-season week 2) nor Denver (pre-season week 3) at the renovated Coliseum.

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  3. I’ve just sat down at my seat and WOW is all I can say!! There is nobody here! It’s like I own the whole stadium!! It looks like all of you rah rahs have elected to watch the beatdown in your Mama’s basement. I guess I don’t blame you… I had to endure the urine stench in and around the coliseum and hurdle 3 bacon wrapped hotdog carts and side step few whinos to get to the gate.

    #JTisgonnastickit #whowillbeJT’sWIDEreceiver?


      1. Ted only THINKS he’s at the coliseum, 67….

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      2. What are you talking about??? I’m biggest southern cal fan there is!! I love Lynn Swann, Clay Pendergast, Clay Helton like no other. They should all get life time contract extensions!! Also, I am starting a petition with the NCAA to grant JTD 6th and 7th year of eligibility!! I rooted for OJ during the slow speed chase as much as any other trOJan Fan!

        #BringbackOJ #BringbackReggie #LarryBrownshouldbeinHOF


    1. Teddy – you have a big set of balls to come around here after the UCLA debut. LMAO! Who do u like Biden or Sanders? Your opinion is important after the Queen shit the bed right? Hilarious Chuckie.

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      1. Just watched the video. Surprised that targeting was not called on that play. Costello’s slide was well underway when the contact occurred.

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      2. 67 –Can a quarterback get negative rating? It has happened yet —but bruins are working on it….

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  4. I’m not going. My wife took one look at the new crazy prices and said, “Not with this coaching staff!” If they are new and improved, maybe down the line we’ll go. But right now higher prices for inferior products is not the way we roll.

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  5. All the stadium improvement and they can’t get on TV. Why the F are stuck with this game that’s run over an hour late and IS over. Switch for God’s sake


  6. 2 no. 7s on that kickoff return!! What a staragist Clay Helton is! Love the way he tried to confuse the defense! If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying!! Cheating!! truly the southern cal way!


  7. Food cost inside the new scholarship tower were atrocious. And the food was horrible, burger cold, nachos below average. If you’re going to charge insane prices give decent food! No tap water available only overpriced crappy Dasani. Very very unimpressed.


  8. Stadium was very nice and exceeded my expectations since only news I got on construction was from Wolf.

    Seats were comfortable and roomy (average height/weight)

    Wifi was excellent and new scoreboards were nice upgrade

    Navy Seals parachuting into stadium was breathtaking

    Band leader going strong in his 80s and even climbed the ladder

    Have to say do not listen to blogger as he is out of touch and not in the know.

    Team is young and only criticism was where was #30, Steep in short yardage situations.


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