JT Daniels Suffers Torn ACL

USC quarterback JT Daniels has suffered a torn ACL and will be out for the season, according to Sports Illustrated.

So it looks like the Kedon Slovis Show now because Clay Helton cannot backtrack on his odd decision to make the true freshman the backup.

I have to admit I am equally fascinated by what happens in a year:

What if Slovis captures everyone’s attention with good performances?

Will Bryce Young want to come now that Daniels is a redshirt who will be around 3 more years instead of 2 once Young enrolls?

Will Helton still be around to offer Daniels job security no matter who else is competing?

So many questions.

44 thoughts on “JT Daniels Suffers Torn ACL

    1. Hope JT heals fully. You could tell he worked hard to improve.

      As far as the team is concerned, change the uniforms, and the Fresno State game last night could have been one of many in the past. Western Michigan in ’17. Arizona or Colorado last year. The list goes on.

      I certainly hope the players can pull it together, but if not, Helton could be gone by week 6 or 7. Swann needs to be gone as well.


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    2. Want more (very, very) bad news, Alv? The probable reality is that the magic number of wins Helton needs to save his job just went from 9 to 7.

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      1. I think that it was always around 7. These Board of Bustees just like the guy. They don’t care whether he wins big or not. I don’t think that they want to win big.

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      2. No, I doubt that Mike – look Slovis is going to get a hard reality check from defensive coordinators out to force him to ‘learn’ i.e. he’s facing a lot of losses. ‘If’ Helton draws Sears back yes I’d say you’re gith per the 7 wins but not if he doesn’t – this is on him Helton. Then again the focus maybe elsewhere (Singer-Heinel)

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    3. What really bothers me is the narrative that was being propagandized about Sears. “The coaching staff doesn’t want a mobile quarterback in this system.” Instead they wanted Daniels immobility vis-a-vis his Frankenstein boots movement in thempocket. He was a sitting duck. Sears would have kept the ball and play alive.

      FU, Helton, Dan Weber and Pudly for what you did to Sears.

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  1. Tough break for Daniels. He was not the guy for the job, immobile and still lacking mature QB skills. Will Sears come back? Will Helton ask him back? Frankly I did not see a difference between last years offense and The Air Raid. It is all a jackoff IMO. You have to be able to run the ball. Until we have the OL to accomplish that, the rest is window dressing. DL front looks good, backfield not so much. Helton is an absolute convivial idiot. He is an embarrassment to all that is holy.

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    1. Hate to be a downer, gt —but the last 2 seasons ended before they began —when Swann extended Helton’s contract. The contract extension wasn’t fair to fans, or players or even the perpetually over matched Helton himself…. happy boob that he is.

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      1. I have to admit I fell for the hype about the team strength being better and the team having a chip on their shoulder this year. Instead it looked like we were playing Western Michigan again barely holding on at home against a cream puff.

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      2. Helton is the prototypical hustler, gt — he knows what you want to hear and he tells it to you. He’s fairly despicable….
        P. S.
        Helton’s defenders are nice people who can’t fathom how deeply cynical Helton’s act really is.

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    1. Not sure either Slovis or Fink will be the answer.

      Slovis looked slow, so I looked up his SPARQ score. This is a test developed by the NFL analytics guys to test speed, strength, agility, quickness, and reaction time. Slovis has a fairly low score at around 80 or so. Jack Sears’ score is freakish. His number is the same as Odell Beckham, Jr., at around 128.

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      1. I don’t pretend to know what Helton’s problem with Sears was originally about, 67 —-but now it’s a matter of Helton stubbornly refusing to see there are advantages to a running quarterback. He’s on record as saying that’s not the way he wants to go —-but, oddly, he said “Fresno’s advantage was that their quarterback could keep plays alive with his feet”……

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  2. Very detailed article in the paper that loathes USC – today’s LA Times- re. the timeline of Rick Singer, Pat Haden, and Heinel.

    Her’s the gist – Singer was hard on getting Haden to meet and discuss the services Singer could provide for a slew of wealthy parents. To his credit, Haden sensed something wasn’t quite right and in the case of one particular applicant the hard sell by Singer made Haden pull away quickly. McKay’s name is in the article too but he as well, separately from Haden, sensed something not quite right with Singer. Last a wealthy donor Chuck Kenworthy and fellow LACC member was the one who initially introduced Haden and Singer. The donor stated Singer had helped his daughter gain admittance, the school not named, but legitimately which the Times confirmed was the case. Haden wanted the donor’s access to the owner of the LA Times Patrick Soong-Shiong, for possible ‘lease’ of one of the luxury boxes at the renovated Coliseum. Access was provided but Soong-Shiong passed on the offer per the suite.

    Haden met with Singer and Kenworthy present a 2nd and final time about a girl from Texas who was denied admittance to USC, at the athletic director’s office in July 2015. Hard sell again…and short meeting. Haden expresses appreciation but he, Haden, is moving on. Right after this meeting, Haden did send an E-mail to Heinel asking if she (Heinel) knew if the athletic dept. could be helpful. Heinel in reply ignored query per the girl from Texas case but zeroed in on Singer
    Times quote

    “She (Heinel) wanted to know whether Singer was ‘in good graces’ with the university’s president and if he was seen ‘as an asset to the university?’ “I have no idea,” Haden replied. “Do you know him?” Heinel was already knee deep with Singer and her E-mailed reply to Haden on that date 2nd July 2015 was:

    “….she responded to his question vaguely, saying she thought she remembered Singer as being “a guy that counseled a person” on getting into USC as an athlete. “Not sure though,” she wrote. The copy of Heinel’s email reviewed by The Times was partly redacted.”
    Bottom line Haden looks good in this article from a lot of different angles and individuals per having any involvement whatsoever with Singer. Heinel spotted her fellow rat as did Singer.

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      1. The biggest mark on Haden is and always shall be ‘Mayr Foundation’ all the rest was just his own foolish sense of skillset he had not in any way…’Mayr’s plundering? That was rank arrogance.

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      1. Oh, she will, gt.

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      1. Bullseye – they’re stuck with ‘fatty’ for another 3+ years and his getting that poor sap of a QB ‘ready’ for 2019 is telling. Kelly is a lazy fat $%% – a typical govt employee ie a ‘bel-air tech man’….then again they can always go and sleep next to the ‘peckerwood’ shrine huh?

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  3. When Sears entered the portal he said he’d be around if needed. I’m not sure but my guess is he’s needed.The question is does he want to burn a season of eligibility?

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    1. Fresno had 463 yards of total offense. Without one highly recruited player. And with 5 new starters on offense.

      Pendergast seems to have a good reputation within the coaching profession. Can’t be because of anything he has done recently.

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  4. Our current best pipeline is Mater Dei for QBs . Had been for awhile . The challenge now is 3 more years of Daniels with Bryce on the hook . Why would Bryce come if we are married to Daniels?

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