USC Morning Buzz: Fresno State Fallout

I found out Clay Helton called the fourth-down play that USC failed to converted late in the game Saturday night.

Why is this important? The CEO said he had turned the offense over to Graham Harrell. But he couldn’t resist getting involved on the fourth-down call. Not to mention going for it when USC should have punted.

  • Genius Graham Harrell might be the program savior (according to some) but who taught him clock management? USC is snapping the ball with 15-20 seconds left on the play clock while protecting a lead?
  • At least three fans have told me they got home around 1:30 a.m. from the game. And this was with a smallish crowd (under 50,000) and a lot of people going home early, which lightens traffic.

They would gave gotten home later if USC didn’t start running the ball more once JT Daniels got hurt.


43 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Fresno State Fallout

  1. You can see Gomer say ” go, go, go, ” when it was 4th down, then he puckers up and called time out, apparently to call the play himself.

    I said that SC should win but how was Gomer going to screw it up, well, he damn near did and if it wasn’t for the int at the end, SC might be 0-1 because he probably would have shit the bed in OT.

    Gomer doesn’t have the brain power to manage a game, he doesn’t think 2-3-4 plays ahead, he’s a putz.

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    1. I agree. Helton is totally stupid as a head coach. He does not know how to ,manage a game. He is in love with timeouts also. Totally stupid as a head coach. What else can we say. I do not understand why he is retained. It is puzzling.


      1. Kids with Madden experience can manage the clock better. Helton never played tooanyadden games, he’s a tweener. Hahaha


    1. gt —If Costello plays on Saturday, USC is going to have it’s hands very (throw in 4 more “very’s” here) full…..

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  2. Scott, can we not use “gotten home”? Just because Orange Julius has broken down the rules of dumbshitedness on Twitter doesn’t mean everyone has to follow

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  3. Part of What makes a new offensive coordinator a genius, is when there highly sought after, but nobody on Clay Helton’s coaching staff falls under that category😂. Helton told Christine Lehey the other day that Nick Saban requested his services, and wanted to hire him away from USC, I almost choked on my soda as I spit it out 😂😂


    1. Saben does have a history of hiring ex brain dead USC coaches.

      Gomer also said that he didn’t even read his contract before he signed it when Haden offered him the job

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  4. the hellton ruins all …
    EVERY ASPECT… whatever he gets involved with…

    play period is now over
    get out of your shorts and get those unis/pads/helmets and cleats on , NOW

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    1. If only that change would be sufficient…

      That 4th and one call in the 4th quarter says it all – “SC can’t get a yard when it is needed against Fresno State”

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      1. it is the first step,one isn’t going to block and tackle at full speed in shorts,and one doesn’t run the ball and catch passes ,or even throw it in shorts…a game is played in full battle gear.


    2. Because all practices are closed, I expect Helton to go on doing just what he’s been doing while giving lip service to your suggestion.

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      1. gt —btw, Helton is already on record as saying that his star pupil, Slovis, “doesn’t have to be superman, just manage the game.” Yes, Clay —he actually DOES have to be Superman This “just manage the game” stuff is what you say when you have to send in a tailback who hasn’t played quarterback since high school —not the “greatest talent” Harrell has ever seen. Don’t tell this kid nothing is expected of him —trust him to play like Superman —open up the playbook and play with your hair on fire Saturday…..or you’re gonna lose…

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  5. Helton needs to be fired immediately. He had 24 hours to bring Sears back. He has not done this. Helton has not put his best effort to promoting USC football or protecting the team. He has put himself first. Head coach must do whatever is necessary to have the team win. Helton wants his ego to win first.

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    1. Please don’t look at it that way, pt. Helton is merely using 2019 as preparation for 2020. This will be a “learning year.” [All USC has to do is bring Helton back next year to finish “teaching”]……..

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    2. Gomer looks at Sears as quitting on his teammates, he can spew all the ” I love him, he’ll always be part of the family ” BS but he’ll never take him back and why would Sears come back ? He won’t play unless Slowfoot and Fink get hurt, why burn a year of eligibility to sit ? Sears will have his degree and still be able to play somewhere for a coach who isn’t brain dead, maybe he goes to Duke and gets a masters there.

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  6. Helton won’t last the entire season. But we CANNOT let Graham Harrell slide in as head coach as Swann will try to do. Swann and Helton need to go and we need to start over. Gonna take 3 years.

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      1. 67 —The answer to your question is no. Meyer probably wouldn’t be itching to report hearsay of ongoing marital difficulties among staff to the FBI. He would probably be the kind of coach who concentrated on football and being successful— and leave contacting authorities to the people with first hand knowledge of what they were reporting. In other words, he’s not our kind of coach….

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      2. USC always has some talent: McCullough, Groetegood, a lot of the Oline, DBs, and WRs were there when PC arrived. Heck, even Leinart was already there. Just trying to keep you honest, Karma.

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      3. Polamalu, Kareem Kelly, Justin Vargas, Jacob Rogers…there was talent…but Urban would do the same as PC…what all great coaches do…motivate the players on hand to perform to the best of their abilities by promoting competition, and put in systems that put them in the most competitive posture possible…if they would have hired him in December like they should have made the maximum effort to do, Saban would have gotten out of next year’s game faster than he ran away from the Dolphins…as long as Helton (or his ilk) is the coach, we will have a standing invitation from him to be the bookend to FCS weekend…

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  7. Was at Tavern 55 in Costa mesa for the game on Sat night. I was talking to A.D. before the game. Asked him if anything is going to change from last year? He says no. I said we will see after the game is over. His response to mine was I will know by halftime. We were both wrong. Clay Helton showed what a great coach he is by having 2 players with the same number, 7 on the kick-off to screw up a 61 yard return by V Jones. Very first play the freakin kick-off of the game gave us all the answers we need to know about changes from last year. Wow going to be long year.

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    1. My Dear Owns –The kind of “Family” intervention we need is the kind that occurred in Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood” —wherein stunt man, Cliff Booth, enters the Manson Family compound —sees they’re a bunch of assholes —and beats the hell outta their headman Clem….and drives off.

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  8. I hope you were being sarcastic but Wolfman has been right for 2 years now about Baxter needing to be fired. If that was Bama having that stupidity going on the very first play (the kick-off) in the very first game of the season. The special teams coach would of got his ass chewed out by Lil Nicky. On a time out to prove a point than fired after the game. That was a total fucin embarrassment to the school and it’s fans, and embarrassing to college football. What a disgrace, are you kidding me Helton about change? Is Swan even the least bit humiliated by this stupidity?

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