USC Morning Buzz: Fresno/Stanford Podcast

Here is this week’s podcast with Aram Tolegian where I break down the Fresno State game and look at the Stanford game with freshman Kedon Slovis at quarterback.

  • But first, here’s a look at an article I wrote for the Sporting News on how devastating Oregon’s loss to Auburn was for the Pac-12.
  • And later today, I will unveil my first report card of the season.

19 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Fresno/Stanford Podcast

      1. Kicking could have been a C, isn’t the punter supposed to be better than that ? Has Baxter already ruined him, plus the duplicate 7’s on the first kickoff was typical Baxter

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      2. 67 —How could the 4th and 1 call not merit an F minus? Not 1 coach outta 100 would have taken such a dumb chance.


    1. Budda,

      here is my report card:
      Helton: Incompetent
      Daniels: Deer in the headlights.
      Oline: Double deer in the headlights.
      WR’s: Suck, dropping easy passes while catching hard ones
      RB’s: Your lucky your teammates are taking the heat

      Pendergast once again with his might defense gives up 189 yards rushing
      Lbers: Where are you
      Db’s: You were no where near the ball

      Special Teams:
      Baxter: Incompetency ++

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    2. Echoing those above – think your grading is spot on…my flinch instinct was to grade the O and D lines lower, but in reality that’s more about coaching (as in play-calling/philosophy)…

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    3. Not bad, karma —but let’s reverse the d-line/linebacker grades (or, at least, give them both c’s).


  1. Swann the ultimate joke has totally destroyed SC football. If anyone had any smarts, they would have dumped Helton and brought in Tedford. Just think what Tedford could with SC talent. And I thought the Mickey Mouse Club was dead. I guess not with Helton and Swann destroying SC football.

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    1. If he doesn’t spring them on Stanford, he’s more of an idiot than all of us thought….


  2. what will it take to get Helton and Clancy and Baxter fired? from the podcast Wolf believes that Helton will return, regardless of his performance…sigh…sigh…arghh

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