USC’s Teflon Special Teams

One of the main shortcomings with Clay Helton is the way some people are just bulletproof from accountability.

Special teams coach John Baxter is a prime example. Last year against Notre Dame, USC had 10 men on the field for two kick returns. The ACC officiating crew told the USC coaches to fix it.

Saturday night’s No. 7 jersey debacle was not the first time two players wore the same jersey on special teams. It happened last season too.

When USC played Stanford in 2016, it had eight men on the field to defend an extra point. The same game USC had 10 men on the field to defend an extra point at least once. Maybe twice according to players.

But all you get from Helton is that Baxter is the best special teams coach in the country.

  • Why did Helton say USC’s defense was tiring when Clancy Pendergast said last week the defense can go two deep at every position?
  • Four-star cornerback Dwight McGlothern of Houston named his top five schools: Arkansas, Georgia, LSU, Oregon and Texas.

Since some of the USC-centric sites were slobbering over this prospect, that tells me USC really wanted him.

29 thoughts on “USC’s Teflon Special Teams

  1. Baxter and Gomer are buddies, so are their wives, I think they attend church together, Baxter could stand naked on the sidelines and he wouldn’t get fired. As for Clancy, Gomer has no idea what defense is, what it takes to run one effectively, nothing, so Clancy has free reign to do whatever he wants. Clancy could tell Gomer he was going to play 7 DB’s, 3 DL and 1 LB and Gomer would just nod. All Gomer is interested in is running a school yard offense even though he stated that he wanted USC to be a power running offense when he took over, but he had no idea how to do that either since he’s recruited crap for OL since he’s been in charge and he refuses to use the running game to take pressure off of his defense and shorten the game by running clock.

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  2. God forbid we win this game, next bitches will be about the way some of the guys are wearing their socks again…. perhaps their lack of focus before games because they’re wearing headphones or buds while walking into the Coli!!

    1-0, the f’ing sky is falling!.!..!! Oh my.


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    1. Man…..Pudly 76, can you please keep Clay Helton’s dick out of your mouth, just until after the Stanford loss, ok ? 😂 I’ve never seen a bigger, USC Rah Rah Ass suck in my life .. smh 🤦‍♂️


    2. Pudly,
      There’s nothing funnier than homophobic insults. Right up there with racist insults. I’m sure you are just distraught over all of these football and comedic savants throwing insults your way.

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      1. Yes
        There’s no one free of some question marks or worse who treads that sort of turf, but by and large he always struck me as a good sort and his players all really liked him even after their playing days were over…

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    1. I’m not sure on the score but (1) I really want LSU to win and (2) LSU will win….

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  3. SCooter,

    Can we start getting ready for the Stanford Injuns? What do they have? What have you heard? It is time to move on. Looking forward to your blog on the Injuns. Thank you.,

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