An NFL Scout’s Take

I spoke to an NFL scout today about JT Daniels.

“One thing you have to ask is whether he can take a hit in the NFL because it seems like he can’t take a hit in college,” the scout said. “I’m not sure he can take a hit without getting hurt.”

21 thoughts on “An NFL Scout’s Take

    1. Can JT Daniels take a hit in the NFL? I guess we will never find out because southern cal QBs don’t make it in the NFL.

      JT’s dad is out shopping for pizzarias to buy so JT Daniels can run it after his stint at southern cal.

      #JTknowsPizza #JDBootyMattLeinartMattBarkleyButtFumbleSanchezThebeatgoeson


  1. Something to ponder. Mr. Daniels injury was to his rt leg. PLANTED as he was throwing. That would be his back leg. His weight should have been transferred or transferring to his forward left leg.

    If you have ever listened to OJ re: weight on your legs as you(OJ) were moving-OJ never had both feet on the ground at the same time-…assuming Mr Daniels is not a statue… Mr Daniels had both sets of cleats firmly planted. I hate to say it but his injury was bound to happen. Watch good QB’s, their feet are continuously moving…ALWAYS.

    Speaking from personal experience re: ACL, Mr Daniels will be ready to play physically next year but as long as he is on a football field, he will hear footsteps.

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    1. Cal75,
      J. T.’s played football for a long time ….and that’s the first time, as far as I know, that he’s gotten that kind of injury. I think he ALREADY looks at it as a freak accident ….and won’t be worried about it next year [especially if Urban Meyer is his coach and he can depend on his line to pick up blitzes].

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      1. If Urban Meyer is the bozo HC ( That, I doubt.), JT will set sail into the “prortol.”

        Prototype Meyer QB: Terrelle Pryor


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      2. My Dear Friend Owns,
        Yeah, I kinda doubt whether Meyer would want any part of Swann or Folt too —-I’m just telling myself it could happen to get through the season…

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  2. Watching the play again and again I think JT was trying to take a knee. He’s done it in the past, and he looked like he was making that move and was hit in the process. The line play last year taught him to drop to a knee when the line buckled. He wasn’t going anywhere but down.

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    1. I may “hit” a “little fattie” now and then that much is true but I could assure you I don’t get “hit” ever! They don’t call me the “Hit Man Wolf” for nothing! By the way everything about me is BIG!!



  3. Just when it seems as though SW can’t get any lower…. hit a man when he is down. We get it, you – and most of us- prefer Jack Sears.



  4. Perhaps a contributing issue is that he showed up at spring practice last year in civilian clothes while he was still taking high school classes and was listed and looked 6’1″, just under 200 lbs. But when fall camp started he was all of a sudden 6’3″ and 220 lbs. It has already been reported that he takes supplements and has a number of mentors, life coaches, nutrition advisors, etc. This arouses questions about medically supervised human growth hormone (HGH) (or steroids) to have that sudden of a growth spurt.

    Risks of HGH are:
    High cholesterol
    High blood pressure
    Joint pain
    Muscle weakness ***
    Fluid retention
    Carpal tunnel syndrome
    Heart problems
    Edema (swelling in arms and legs)
    Enlargement of breast tissue

    Benefits can be protection from fractures, increased muscle mass, improved exercise capacity and energy, and a reduced risk of future heart disease.

    Here is a photo of JTD during spring practice 2018 in comparison to Michael Pittman who is 6’4″, 220 lbs.

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  5. There ya go, Flow. Keepin’ it classy kicking a teenager down after his season is ruined by injury. Such a putz. We get it, you’re thrilled that the QB you hate so much is injured and out. What a sad, sad existence.


  6. Rusoviet,

    To be fair to Thug U aka ruinville, aka jc college in westweird, I know of two qbs that played at ugly and played in the superbowl. he had the fat slob billy kilmner and a guy that went to Servite, ugly JC, and then the Raiders that won the superbowl. It was the one where Marcus Allen was the MVP or a different one.


    1. PT…. You show your ignorance once again! Bruins had 3 former Pro-Bowl QBs in the Super Bowl. Between them they have 5 rings!! Not many schools can boast that!

      southern cal doesn’t have not one QB make the super bowl let alone win one.

      #keepcallingyourbingogames #2ndstringtoPudlyonthemessageboard


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