USC-Stanford Live Chat

Kedon Slovis is 28-33 and broken a USC true freshman record for passing yards. How will Clay Helton explain to him that he is the backup for 2020?

USC leads 31-20 after three quarters.

Kedon Slovis is drawing Sam Darnold comparisons on ESPN. USC leads, 24-20 at halftime.

Stephen Carr’s TD run makes it 20-17, Stanford.

Kedon Slovis hits Amon-Ra St. Brown for a TD to cut Stanford lead to 17-10.

  • Chip Kelly has lost six of his past seven games. Who did he beat? Clay Helton!
  • Stanford comes right back and scores after a long kickoff return. Thanks Baxter! It’s 7-3, Cardinal.
  • USC leads 3-0 after a field goal. Did you notice the coaches finally played Drake London, who had 2 big catches? Where was he last week?
  • Tickets are going online for $12-16 for this game. At least the red seats will masquerade as fans on TV.

64 thoughts on “USC-Stanford Live Chat

      1. Pudly, are you at the game? I’ll meet your sorry ass in front of Gate 23 right outside of Tunnel 23 at half time. I will kick your sorry ass!


      2. Pudly are you even at the game? I’ll meet you in front of Gate 23, outside of tunnel 23 at half time. I’ll kick your sorry ass!


      1. They’ll get 80K next week but the moronic bruin humps that have decent season tickets won’t be able to sell them to the OK fans.

        Man what a mess bel-air tech is then again, just like those acolytes of JFK say “We’ll always have the peckerwood>”


      1. Linkster, it’s obvious you can’t succ Dear Pisley penis and make sense on Wolf’s blog at the same time.


  1. Just bad play so far open receivers dropping balls Stanford bum rushing our defensive backs. If Swann thinks this crap is USC football, he needs to go.

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      1. Shaw running game plan i laid out that USC should have run…still plenty of clock but EdO just reeled in a big fish and Clay remains a stanky fish…bed time…

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    1. He really looks great at the half way mark, Alv. If he keeps this up for 30 more minutes (after Stanford adjustments), we got ourselves an offense (but we’ve got lots to do on Special Teams and Defense).

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  2. Not taking away from Carr, Slovis really sells the fake when the ball gets to his running back. Watching Daniels last season made me crazy with his half whiff of a fake pass. But Alicia has managed to fool the camera twice.

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    1. Bama is heavily recruiting him. He might still come but there will be a lot of competition with J.T. coming back and maybe fink too. But who knows! maybe neither of those guys will come back after seeing what Slovis did tonight. In that case we had better start recruiting some back up QB’s.

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  3. 2nd half to go. Trojans have been known to fade in second half. Let’s see if Slovis is for real and Clancy can hold the defense together and clay can stay awake.


  4. How long before JT enters the transfer portal? Slovis has some magic. . . He already possesses the intangibles–instincts, poise, leadership, etc.–that JT may never develop.

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  5. I may wind up eating my words (see earlier post) I am glad I said crap. There was a lot of crap on our pizza I can eat that.
    The TV is saying we’re seeing something special in Slovis I concur.

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  6. Linkster, I agree. Besides GH’s offense, the O line is the biggest bright spot. They are light years better than the mess we had in prior years. Hats off to Drevino and the players.


  7. What an incredibly terrible day for me – I’m 0 – 3.

    UCLA played FB like a HS “B” FB team

    SUCCX wins going away (That really SUCCX)

    Dodgers lose 1 – zip to the Fucking Giants. Biffy the Useless manages the Dodgers to another loss.

    The blog’s, two-bit rah-rah’s, sunshine pimps and that quim Commie Lush owe Helton some heavy love for tonights FB revelation.

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  8. Raise your hand if you have mixed feelings about this game! I know Scott will point out that Stanford isn’t very good this year, but coming from beg and running past the forest of trees is what I saw.
    If we keep this up I don’t care what they do with Helton.

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  9. Just woke up and saw the score as well as big beat triumphing over UDub …. wow! I did call myself an idiot yesterday …. congrats to those of you on the Slovis/Harrell train – you got last night right … and congrats to the players who put the likes of me in my place!

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    1. Yeah, James, I’m up too —plugging away on my graphic novel. Look, no one ever needs to put James in his place. Each of your pre-game posts explored the options —like a smart QB reading the defense. It just played out a little differently than any of us thought it would —- (including Coach Shaw) —–courtesy of a kid named Slovis.

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      1. MG:
        No, I earned some crap – was smugly ready to hit the highway when Stanford went up 17-3 (thought I had nailed the final score almost again)…still not convinced there is that much greater meaning (Clancy and D in first half same as usual, most of USC success came on Slovis throwing balls up for grabs and our superior receiving corps making plays), except that the offensive line showed that they have learned to pass block as an ensemble and give the QB time…if that is more than a one game thing and they keep it up, 5-7 becomes 9-3…but the inability to run…still not promising against the likes of Utah, Notre Dame, and despite that loss, Washington (by the way – congrats Big Bear!)…
        But for last night, I eat my crow – and do it publicly, just like when things go my way…
        At the end of the day, I still think this coaching staff is wrong and must go (by the way to the gloaters – Clay is still what 7-8 in his last 15?), but I’m thrilled for the kids, and hope for nothing but the best for them…
        And now we see what comes next…

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