USC National Title Odds Improve

USC’s odds to win the national title are now 50-1 according to BetOnline.

Last week, the Trojans were 80-1. Like I heard from so many giddy fans on Saturday night, “We’re baaack.” Fill in your own punchline.

Kedon Slovis did not make the Heisman odds, which are also posted at the bottom.

Here are the full odds:

2020 NCAA Championship – Odds to Win

                                    9/3/19               Current (9/9/19)

Clemson                       5/2                    5/2

Alabama                       5/2                    3/1

Georgia                        7/1                    7/1

Ohio State                    10/1                  9/1

Oklahoma                     9/1                    9/1

LSU                              25/1                  14/1

Michigan                       10/1                  20/1

Auburn                          25/1                  25/1

Utah                             28/1                  25/1

Florida                          40/1                  33/1

Penn State                    40/1                  33/1

Oregon                         50/1                  40/1

Texas                           20/1                  40/1

Wisconsin                     50/1                  40/1

Notre Dame                  40/1                  50/1

Texas A&M                   33/1                  50/1

USC                             80/1                  50/1

Michigan State              80/1                  66/1

TCU                              80/1                  80/1

Boise State                   100/1                80/1

Mississippi State           100/1                80/1

Virginia                         100/1                80/1

Washington State          100/1                80/1

Central Florida              125/1                100/1

Iowa                             125/1                100/1

Maryland                       Off the Board    100/1

Nebraska                      50/1                  100/1

Washington                   28/1                  100/1

Baylor                           150/1                125/1   

Memphis                       150/1                125/1   

Oklahoma State            Off the Board    125/1

Virginia Tech                 Off the Board    125/1

Wyoming                      150/1                125/1

Colorado                      Off the Board    150/1

Kentucky                      250/1                150/1

North Carolina               Off the Board    150/1

Hawaii                           250/1                150/1

SMU                             250/1                150/1

UAB                             250/1                150/1

Arizona State                Off the Board    250/1

Boston College             Off the Board    250/1

California                      Off the Board    250/1

Florida State                 Off the Board    250/1

Iowa State                    250/1                250/1

Miami FL                       100/1                250/1

Minnesota                     Off the Board    250/1

NC State                       Off the Board    250/1

Northwestern                 Off the Board    250/1

Purdue                          Off the Board    250/1

Stanford                       80/1                  250/1

Syracuse                      125/1                250/1

Temple                         250/1                250/1

Texas Tech                   Off the Board    250/1

Utah State                    250/1                250/1

Army                            250/1                500/1

Marshall                        250/1                500/1

Western Michigan          250/1                500/1

Buffalo                         500/1                Off the Board

North Texas                  500/1                Off the Board

Northern Illinois             500/1                Off the Board

South Florida                250/1                Off the Board

Odds to Win 2019 Heisman Trophy 

                                    9/3/19               Current (9/9/19)

Tua Tagovailoa             3/1                    11/4

Trevor Lawrence            5/2                    3/1

Jalen Hurts                   5/1                    7/2

Jake Fromm                  25/1                  12/1

D’Andre Swift                20/1                  16/1

Justin Fields                 12/1                  16/1

Sam Ehlinger                16/1                  16/1

Joe Burrow                    28/1                  18/1     

Jonathan Taylor            12/1                  22/1     

Shea Patterson             25/1                  22/1

Justin Herbert                22/1                  25/1

Travis Etienne               18/1                  25/1

Jerry Jeudy                   25/1                  40/1

Ian Book                       40/1                  50/1

Adrian Martinez             40/1                  Off the Board

Austin Kendall               40/1                  Off the Board

JK Dobbins                   40/1                  Off the Board   

Kelly Bryant                  50/1                  Off the Board

Rondale Moore             50/1                  Off the Board

28 thoughts on “USC National Title Odds Improve

    1. CBS and Bleacher Report list Chip Kelly as being one loss from getting fired. (Hope they play somebody easy this week —-oh, did you say Oklahoma? That doesn’t sound good). You know things are REALLY bad when UCLA starts leaking the details of the buyout ($8 million will let them say goodbye).

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      1. ruin fans after their first loss went so far as to call out their qb and his daddy on social media..wonder if it was krappa and pornboy or pjm and trollboy because they were gone for a couple days after that loss?? Hmmm.
        Anyway the losses seem to be coming easier and easier to accept for the little gutties..hard to believe there’s a move on to get mora back, but it was their highlight of this century. Oh if only….

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      2. You know there may be some truth to it. There’s a scathing article in today’s LA Times written by Ben Bloch. He cites a biographer of Kelly named Saltveit who makes the telling point that not only does Kelly hate to recruit but he’s also lazy and loyal in hiring assistants who are close friends but truly lousy coaches – DC Jerry Azzinario and LBC Pellum.

        Here’s the line that is killer ” ‘I hate to criticize someone for loyalty to their friends’, Saltveit said ‘but Kelly’s getting millions of dollars a year so you’ve got to get the job done first.’ ”

        Goes on to state their (bel-air tech) 2019 recruiting class was ranked 40 and their 2020 dropped to 67th with 3 mos left before early signing.

        Another killer quote about his (Kelly’s) recruiting “He got some great talent there (at OR) but I’m not sure how many great players he can take credit for so this might be catching up with him.”

        Ends with “He may have just had a magic situation that he walked into at OR…” and the final shove of the shiv “…and he’s just going to be chasing it the rest of his life.”

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      3. Pudly –Mora was a very solid coach …but by the time he figured out what he had in Rosen, his goose was cooked.

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    2. Pudly’s Theme

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      1. you’re great…maybe one day you’ll get that call from the network asking you to share all that football insight with the rest of the country….“elmoed the bed”!!
        Too funny Cal75!!

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    1. IQ 75 dropped to much acid, the Tubes even wrote a song about him

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      1. You scumbag piece of of elephant dung…where’s all that football knowledge that you, trollboy, and pornboy share…useless krappa and friends.

        krappa + trollboy + pornboy + pjm = 1/2 wit poor owns!




      2. Did Jagger know you Pudsucker ?

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    2. poor, poor krappa…bawaaaa!! bawaaaa!!

      BTW, what does “elmoed” the bed mean?? Oh never mind owns just texted me, has to do with needing to change sheets, huh?


      1. Puddly –

        You’re tantamount to the Turkish prison snitch, Rifki, in the move Midnight Express.

        Go take a shower, you she-he.


      2. There’s that Trojan education coming out again..which degree was it that helps you be such a homophobic and transphobic little twerp huh? What an f’n liar.

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  2. Choc chip is taking lessons from #84 Antonio Brown. Consult social media. How bad of an actor do I need to be before they cut ties?

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    1. One of work colleagues today said that her husband joked that Brown used the DENNIS system from Always Sunny in Philadelphia to get to New England…I’m not a devotee but have watched the episode (it’s funny)…

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      1. Guess those 2 degrees you got were bought by you’re momma’s “benefactors”, huh? Don’t know how to use a dictionary yet, or google?

        Hahahahaha 🖕🏽


  3. Now that Swann is gone i’d say the odds improve again say 30:1 or maybe 25:1 i.e. a lot of pressure on Helton to win and that means he just keeps walking up and down that sideline and let the adults make the calls – all the calls.

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