Would You Take Urban Meyer Or The Field?

During my interview with Dave “Softy” Mahler, he asked me if I would take “Urban Meyer or the field” to be the next USC coach.

Right now, I would take the field.

Why? Because we still don’t know enough about USC president Carol Folt or the new athletic director.

Will Folt accept Meyer’s baggage? Will USC pay Meyer $8 million a year?

The answers to those questions might be yes and we could learn that in the next six weeks. But at the moment, we don’t know enough to say. So that is why I would take the field.

We know Folt will make a big move, just ask Lynn Swann.

But getting rid of someone is easier than hiring the right football coach. Meyer will win at USC. But will USC’s administration embrace him?

I might have a different answer in six weeks, so stay tuned.

31 thoughts on “Would You Take Urban Meyer Or The Field?

  1. If it was just money, it seems to be an easy call.

    Trojan football revenue was about $61 million last year.

    Assuming Meyer would be as successful at SC as he was at OSU and Fla, then he easily generates an extra 20 percent in revenue = $12 million per year.

    Attendance under Pete averaged about 90,000. Now it is down to half of that.

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    1. According to sources, Urban Meyer wants to both AD and HC of football! This is so he can fire himself when southern cal eventually goes to shitsville! He wants to be able to eject himself. He wants a buyout of 50 million if he is fired!



    2. Urban Meyer??!! Let’s hire that chest grabbing mother Fl_lcker! He wants a 50 million buyout?? Chump change!! I’ll go through the cushions of my car seats and get that! Helton’s buyout is what? 25 million? I got that in my coin drawer in my car!! Fire Helton! Hire Meyer! I’ll pay for it all!! And when Urban dies on the sideline of a heart attack, i’ll pay for his funeral! Open bar!! Someone invite Sarkisian!

      #I’mRichBiatch #GitReaddytoFighttheF@ckON

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      1. Even more amusing is their hire of Cronin….here’s this con job with all their banners and they can’t get anyone to even give them a call while we know Myers would join us….how telling is that. As to ‘Chip’ …. awful assistants…there all his old friends like Mike Scoscia did with Mickey Hatcher or Billy Martin and Art Fowler….hey ‘Chipper’ lazy misplaced loyalty never ever equals success

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      2. Speaking of shoes that reflect really low intelligence comprehension, ’67 has just ordered 8 pair of size 2, extra wide.

        Not only is ’67 mentally challenged and he’s good a lol when he stumbles over his driver club foot.



      3. owns, you walked into it. Splat. Yet again. You make it sooooo easy.

        Don’t you have that special cowboy photo collection of yours that you shared with us last weekend to catalog?

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    1. Owns — It’s always better to pick the guy with multiple national championships over the guy with none….

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      1. Michael, as you point out, on the one hand, Urban Meyer.

        On the other, we have Mick Cronin and “Show Cause” Chip, the latter with his sterling 6-26 record in the last 5 or so years.

        Didn’t we tell owns to lay off of the peyote?

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      2. That not quite true, UCLA was voted a half of FB NC in 1954.

        Which reminds me MG, in 1954, PCC teams weren’t allowed to play in back to back RB games.

        On Nov. 20, 1954, @ the Crumbling Mausoleum, in front of 102,548 fans, the Bruins kicked the shit of Clown U 34 – Zip. SUCCX went on to lose to ND on 11/27/1954, 23-17.

        Because, UCLA 9- 0 in ’54, were in the RB (1/1/1954) they were ineligible to participate (1/1/1955), so the second place SUCCXster’s got the RB nod.

        On 1/1/1955, the Clowster’s lost to Ohio St. 20 – 7.

        MG, I think it’s fair to state that UCLA has never paid a premium buyout to employ an Alky HFBC, that UDUD would have paid St. Pat to take Sark off their hands.

        I sure hope the Finkster isn’t hurt tomorrow.

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      3. 67 —
        You called it. Owns likes to ‘indulge’ a bit on Friday nights— then go for a nice swim off the Santa Monica coast —and, then, tell us everything that’s wrong with our country, team, & present & future coaches …

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      4. Michael, what was the deal with the imaginary swim off of the Santa Monica pier for owns? And something about him hoping to see Deborah Kerr?

        Year after year of bruin football will do that to a fella….

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      5. Owns — How many did Robinson win 2nd time around? I remember it being a round number…..

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  2. Meyer at place like USC, an area that is just a fertile as any in the country, with his ties to Ohio ( and possibly FL) and you’re looking at a juggernaut.


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    1. YEP.
      That’s really where I’m at for Helton to back.
      Win out or ship out!
      He was given a rare gift and it’s time for him to pull his own weight.
      That means winning.

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  3. Well Wolf it really doesn’t matter because you are gonna poke holes if Meyer wanted the job but SC passed on him, and you would still find something to complain or hate on if they paid him $8M and he was hired.

    All in all, you are gonna be sour with the next USC coach who is hired.

    PS. Besides the baggage how would you not hire a guy with 3 National Championships and before that dancing fool at Clemson Urban Meyer was the first Coach dubbed “The only guy who can beat Nick Saban”????

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  4. Just for the record, in his 6-year stint, Andyain’twinning is 44 – 64 in Pac 12 conf. games.

    Can’t wait for the Bozo BB program NCAA Notice of Allegations.

    I smell the death penalty and SUCCX deserve it.

    #Oh wait, the bozos still 000000000000000000000fuckingforever.

    UCLA 34 – SUCCX 27

    Ding goes the Vic Bell.


  5. I think that he would be the perfect coach. I think that he wants the job and, if hired, he would come with one last goal….to be the first coach to win a National championship at 3 different schools. He would have an undivided one track mind that national championship. That would be his one last goal before he retires for good. So he would be the perfect choice if he is interested and I think that he is. I don’t think that he would accept any head coaching job(he’s already said that he wants no part of the Michigan job) but I think that he would jump at the chance to coach SC. Sadly, I’m not convinced that USC would hire him. Hopefully, I’m wrong.

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    1. He would be perfect except for those arachnoid cysts that cause him to collapse on the sidelines of football games like he did during the Indiana game a year ago. Why would SC hire someone so obviously physically ill when there are plenty of younger healthier coaches to choose from?

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  6. we know the admin embraces losers…constantly.
    the alumni/fans/supporters embrace winners.
    Meyer has a huge success story/resume…so do others.
    the power belongs to the one able to actually offer the job,and that power is influenced by ?
    SC can’t afford another mistake …current recruit class ranks way down low, like ucla ,wash st territory…2-3 star avg…in the 60’s.

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    1. All of this chatter amongst you is meaningless.
      There is the obvious, the solution to bring USC football back to National Prominence, Championships, revenues et al.. Urban Meyer..! He’s available, He’s interested.

      So…it’s up to the Dysfunctional leadership at USC to decide ‘do we want Preeminence in Sports again’ if the matter is money, then, they have to empty the ‘Piggy Banks’ of their Billionaire BOT and step up,
      Playing the Cheap Routine and choosing someone other than those who get USC or Prior SC Jocks since Carroll’s departure has put S.C. Football where it now resides. If not…this is where it will remain !

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    1. As far as the hiring…no ! It’s not to soon, clever success driven leaders with a vision DON’T wait for the right time as you state, they Make the Time Right

      Think back to 2009, the team played, but not with the same intensity as previously…Why ?
      because if ALL the story was known, Pete had worked out his deal with Paul Allen and was simply going through the motions. We finish the season in late Dec. two weeks later Pete’s gone…no one can convince me that all the sophisticated details could have been settled in that short a period.

      So the ball is in the Administration’s hands. What they and the BOT want…is what you will get !

      Dr. Folt…if she didn’t, she should have watched NC play Clemson HARD, hiring a good coach makes a significant difference and now it’s showing for
      the ‘Tar Heels’ who’ve been a floormat in the ACC for the last ten years.


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