Sunday Night With Clay Helton

Clay Helton spoke for just 10 minutes, which is about half the normal time because of a lack of questions. I guess people are just bored/fed up talking to him.

Kedon Slovis is still not medically cleared, Helton said. He blamed the Washington and BYU losses on turnovers.

“I still believe in this team wholeheartedly,” Helton said.

We’ve all heard that before.

Just like this Helton bingo card people sent me on twitter this weekend.


33 thoughts on “Sunday Night With Clay Helton

    1. Everybody saw Slovis on the sidelines laughing and talking. I can’t tell you what USC’s “lookout —he’s still in concussion!” guidelines look like —but I can tell you this: If Slovis is kept out of practice for another week “to be on the safe side”, his timing will suck so bad that having him play against Notre Dame will be just like starting our 4th quarterback this year.

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    1. I agree.
      And if we’re being totally honest with ourselves we were lucky to have won that Utah game because every TD pass Matt Fink threw in that game would have been contended with or intercepted against a team like Bama or Ohio St.
      BYU, Utah, Washington, Notre Dame. Before the season started I said we would lose three of those games and Helton would be fired after Notre Dame game.
      If he lays down and gets rolled at South Bend then he’s getting fired.

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      1. Sam — If we let Slovis practice starting THIS Tuesday we have a chance of beating Notre Dame. If, instead, Helton holds him out until NEXT Tuesday on the grounds that “Kedon is still reliving the memory of the hit he took in the Utah game”, then we go to South Bend with another unprepared quarterback, get our asses kicked and Helton (deservedly) gets his pink slip via text.


      2. I don’t see how Helton wins at Notre Dame. I think he’s gonna lose looking more like less of a coach and the search for a new guy will be in play soon.


    1. Pac12,
      It missed Helton’s favorite (& wholly dishonest) “to be honest with ya” line too.
      [IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL POSTERS: Helton asked Coach Baxter, since he’s not busy with anything else for the next few months, to discover “by any and all means necessary” the names and addresses of “Wolf’s entire animal house of bloggers”; next, to pick up a Smith and Wesson 357 magnum pistol off the black market; and, finally, to buy “tons of 38 caliber bullets so that gun can be used over and over again & still last forever”]…..

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      1. I could help Coach with that acquisition. Mdl 60 SW 2 3/8″ SS would work. +P capable. Currently ‘off roster’ but private party consignments are available. 10day waiting period incase he has a change of heart. M3 shoulder holster if he wanted to play Efrem Zimbalist Jr.


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      2. Cal75 —Please ignore Helton’s request. For his, Scott’s and everybody else’s good…..
        [The “fake name” remark was funny]….


      3. My first reply was a warm up. After going through active shooter drill at my school for the past several years I realized I like my chances. If Helton sends Clancy my way, his first three shots will miss, I can disarm him. If Helton sends Baxter my way, he’ll shoot himself in the foot and then throw the gun at me, I can disarm him. If Helton sends Swann my way I’ll ask him for an autograph when he sets the gun down to write I’ll take it.
        Should I get lucky and see Clay coming my way, I only need to cock my head to one side extend my arms. I say being it coach! When hugs me I disarm him and lift his wallet. If I accidentally shoot him it must be in the chest because recent experience proves he’s brain dead.


  1. Consider…. Heinel chooses to ‘retain’ ‘Larry’ Tribe…aka ‘white-bread-left’ (what all the feminazis ‘say’ they love but secretly loathe…a full on ‘he/she’ huh?) ….a ‘referral’ from former Governor Jer-dawg….’la bruja’ shows up at trial as a ‘character’ witness for ‘donna donna the…’ and the jurist is ‘Lance’ (Kamakaze) Ito’….the ‘defense’ will bring in ‘performers’ such as ‘John Dean’ or ‘David Stockman’ but best of all ‘Cousin Bill’.

    Then again the former prez will have to account for 1. his whereabouts and 2. his ATM activity before and after Thursday 10th August 2019….’Heinel’…..’Guerrero’…..’Peckerwood’…..’Nellie’ (man what a skank huh?) …..


  2. Over at, the writer “Dan” says if Urban Meyer is going to be tapped to replace Helton, might as well do it now, especially since Helton says SC may face Washington again and Meyer could make a difference in the outcome.

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  3. Urban would have two weeks to prep for Notre Dame if Helton resigned ala Swann. I have read a couple reports saying Urban is working TV to boost his reputation. I don’t see things getting better with Helton in control.

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  4. Our football won’t get better without a wholesale coaching regime change. And the sooner that change is made, the better. If the interim AD won’t do it (and he won’t), then the clock is ticking in slow motion until the permanent AD search concludes.

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      1. 22 —According to Cal75, it’s “Berkeley & the 11 dwarfs”….


  5. How many more losses will SC have to endure before they get rid of Helton? Helton has to be the luckiest man alive. He is installed at the head coach under Haden, then Swann takes over and signs him to an extension. Then Swann is fired and no one will fire Helton because they don’t want to be responsible for the buyout. Will the sins of Troy ever be paid back in full? With no permanent AD, Helton is once again safe.

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      1. Until USC gets more consistent quarterback play, doesn’t matter who the coach is this year…i wish it were different. I tried….


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