Can You Imagine Clay Helton Doing This?

When Washington’s Trey Adams got an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against USC, he was forced to do 500 push ups in practice as punishments.

That is the rule for players who get an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Do you think Clay Helton, in this era of discipline, does that?

Better yet, how about Helton yelling at a player for celebrating when he should be on the field?

13 thoughts on “Can You Imagine Clay Helton Doing This?

  1. As the idiot head coach who talked about “mental reps” as a good thing (not), Helton would probably tell the offending player to “think” about doing 500 pushups and call that sufficient.



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  2. 500 pushups are extremely hard to do in one session. I wonder if he had a couple of sessions to get them done. also 500, that is an extereme. I can see 200 but 500, I don’t know if anyone has ever done that many. Depends on the pushup he is doing as well.


  3. Season is lost and sunk. All the early momentum has sunk under the mud where the tires are trying to get traction. I predict a 6-6 season. Oregon and nd will win.


    1. A different head coach who shall not be named (but who currently has his team No. 5 in the polls) would have bought the team chicken and waffles.




  4. The only thing I can accurately imagine Helton doing is eating and defecating and I’m not sure which to predict he does more, the former or the latter. I have practically screamed at Helton for the past three seasons. If you read the Bible, how do you not know that iron sharpens iron? Tackling in practice should be done so that corrections of poor techniques are instant rather than explained in the film room three days later. There is a healthy bit of fear in most respect. Again read that Bible you will know that the God that loves us enough to sacrifice his own son, also expect fear with the respect we give him.
    Helton your team does not respect you, they are playing you with the love they show for you. Get a clue!!

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  5. Helton being tough……..unsportsmanlike……all right you loves…….no chocolate…….for a week.
    They play hard to save the ice cream……..they play stupid because of the ice cream. Stupid trumps hard. Work smart and you’ll be rich… hard and you’ll be the best paperboy in the country.
    Hard work and smart……now you’ve got something.


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